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  1. EtherCat Configuration

    Thanks to all.  That was the problem, Once I assigned a address to the JC03 every thing started to come together. It now works as it should. However I have 1 issue. I manually set the first module (Using the wheel on the module) to address 1 Set the Second module to address 2 And the third to address 3 In Sysmac Studio I set the JC03 to address 10 and Wrote it to the slave When a did the compare and merge I ended up with different addresses that what I had set.  Modules 1, 2  and the Jco3 were the same as manually configured but module 3 showed address 0f 8. Not sure why it would be different. But everything seems to work ok. Thanks again 
  2. EtherCat Configuration

    Thanks Michael It seems that when I try this configuration the EtherCat communications on both the PLC and the first EC201 fails. (Red Lights) In Sysmac Studio the Node address all match up. But all modules have X's . I have tried replacing the modules but all give the same result. If I remove the JC03 and daisychain the modules everything works. I have also tried different cables. Node addresses are all different 1-4  
  3. I have a project that requires 3 sets of IO In 3 different locations. I have attached a drawing of what I would like to do. But have not been able to get it to work. I have seen several different configuration examples in Omron manuals but nothing like what I want. I have been told by some that it should work. Has anyone had success getting something like this to work. Thanks   Omron Configuration.pdf
  4. NA HMI User Alarm Screen Setup

    I am hoping the attached images will help explain my question better. Is the alarm popup page you mention the one on the Fault_3.pdf. If so this is the page I want to replace or at least edit. I have tried creating the page and configuring it as a Pop-Up page type. But cant seem to get it to display it. Thanks Fault_1.pdf Fault_2.pdf Fault_3.pdf
  5. I have been trying to figure this out and cant seem to get it to work. I have a machine that was developed for us using the NJ with NA HMI. Currently the Alarm screens that are displayed on Alarms are just he generic scree with small text and an acknowledge button. I want to create a screen to replace these with more Alarm specific screens.  Under user alarms Group 1 is a list of the current user alarms there is a Page Column. I was hoping that it was as simple as creating a page for the Alarm and entering the page name in the Page column. But that does not seem to work. I still get the generic page. Is there something im missing or can this not be done.   Thanks 
  6. Sysmac NA HMI programming tutorial

    Thanks I will check it out.
  7. Does anyone know ao a tutorial describing how to work with the Omron NA series HMI. I would like to learn how to design user screens. I have several machines using the NJ with the NA5-7W001B HMI and would like to update the screens with images to make the machines more user friendly.  I have figured out how to use images as buttons on screens but there is so much more I want to do and cant find much instruction at all on this. Thanks for any help.