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  1. C200H CPU23 MemoryUnit Backup

    Theres another question... Can i use in any case the "Syswin" Software to take a backup or just in the case the PLC was programmed with Syswin? If the Eprom of the PLC is programmed with CX-Programmer then I need CX-Programmer for the Backup?
  2. C200H CPU23 MemoryUnit Backup

    Thank you, is it possible to change one of my input-modules from the backplane with the C200H-LK201 to take a backup and after doing that i change it again? Or is it not possible to upload/download the program when there is one module missing which is used by the program?
  3. C200H CPU23 MemoryUnit Backup

    Thanks a lot Jay Anthony. But this means that I can change the raw PLC and use it witch the same Memory Unit if the PLC 1 is damaged? Do you know what kind of Software I need? Is CX-One Ver. 4 right? Is it right that I need a Host Link for connecting the PLC to my Computer?  
  4. C200H CPU23 MemoryUnit Backup

    Hello, first of all sorry for my english skills. I've got two questions about a 20years old PLC from Omron (C200H CPU23). This PLC is still working in one of my machines and I have also a second one for the worst case scenario.... Now my Questions: If i take the Memory Unit (EEPROM) from the PLC 1 and connect it to the PLC 2 is my machine still running ? Did the PLC copy the programm automaticly from ROM to RAM and             everything is fine? I also need a backup of the Memory Unit (c200h-me831). What are my options? Did I need a programming cable, Software (CX-One?) to make a Backup of the Program to a second Memory Unit?   I hope there is someone who worked with this kind of PLC. Thanks a lot for helping me Greets Andy