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  1. RSLOGIX 500

    Look to me like it means: SOR - Start Of Rung EOR - End Of Rung
  2. Juan, Click the following link to direct you to the AB website for Control Processor online documentation. From there, you will find "PLC-2 Programmable Controllers". Then you will need to be more selective as to which processor you are programming. Within the user manual you will find the instruction set. Hope this helps. Allen-Bradley PLC-2 Loosewire
  3. RSTrainer 2000 needed

    Here is a link to answer your question. RSTrainer 2000
  4. Incremental Encoders

    I don't know what kind of information you have been finding but thought I would at least post this link to the BEI website. It is an encoder glossary with definitions on different types. Might help BEI Encoder Glossary
  5. Indramat Visual Motion 9v14

    PLC_Cables, I am using Ecodrives with Sercos interface to the PPC, so if I run into any questions I'll see if you can help. Any familiarity with DriveTop software?
  6. Anyone have any experience with Indramat Visual Motion programming using the PPC controller? I have an application where I want to use the ELS command for a particular part of the process and have developed a list of questions. Thought maybe I would put the word out and see.
  7. 1771-SDN DeviceNet Wiring

    Can a PC connected to the DeviceNet network via a 1761-NET-DNI have full access to the network itself? (Instead of 1770-KFD or 1784-PCD) For example, consider the PC a programming terminal in which access to configure devices on the network is desired. Also, using RSNetWorx configure communication between the 1771-SDN with other non AB devices.
  8. 1771-SDN DeviceNet Wiring

    Thanks Steve708, thats what I was looking for.
  9. 1771-SDN DeviceNet Wiring

    I am currently designing a system that will be using two 1771-SDN DeviceNet adapters. The problem is that I would like to identify the wiring coming into the 1771-SDN but I do not currently have the hardware to reference. The documentation states "use the color-coded header to wire your module". Can anyone tell me what that color code is from the header?
  10. PID Tuning

    I have had good success using Intune from ControlSoft. Relatively good documentation and user friendly GUI. ControlSoft Intune
  11. Windows XP scrolling in RSLogix 5/500

    Depending on how old your hardware may be, you might want to download the latest driver for your mouse if one is available.