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  1. Redundancy causes low speed

    sorry by late, explaining better, when the redundancy is working properly (both controllers online and synchronized) rslogix 5000, becomes slow to work. When i open a task, a logic, navigate on software, it is too slow. i don't have a measure for this latency, because the network is working fine, and i don't see problems on the data exchange, i'm using a hirschmann switch and i have tried to diagnostic the network using some tools, but the traffic is fine. the problem appear only when i work on RSlogix. Thank you for help!
  2. Redundancy causes low speed

    Hi, I'm using a 1756-l61 in a redundant chasis. The redundancy is working properly, but when I try to be online using rslogix the connection speed is too low. i did some tests, trying to removing one controller and breaking the redundancy and the speed came back to normal speed connection. some one had this problem? if yes, could help me? thanks joao