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  1. 90-30 PLC Remote Communication

    Hello I am working with Ge PLC series 90-30, and with VERSAPRO software. I want to know how can I communicate to the PLC from remote location, by modem or via Ip address. Is it possible with Versapro or should I have Machine edition ? Thanks David
  2. Panasonic PLC

    Hello I have to work with an old PLC of Panasonic FP3, but I have the new software FpwinPro in Windows. Can I upload/Download the PLC program with this software? Or do I must use the Dos Version? Please help me. Thanks David
  3. PID

    Hello I need help with tuning parameters to a PID function block in a PLC. The application is heating an oven Temperature input is PT100 (RTD) The output is a PWM controlling heating element with Solid State Relay. Starting temperature is about 20 degree (change possibly) Set point temperature 180 degree (change possibly) Reaching time to set point is 10-15 minutes Over shoot temperature about 5 degree How can I get only from this data the critical frequency depending on rising time? And how I decide the parameters: KP (proportional gain) Ki (Integral gain) KD (Derivative gain) How the overshoot and rising time demands affect these parameters? What happened if the set point or the starting temperature is different? Thanks

    I am working with FPX and Fpwin software. Can you please help me with a word shift register? It means I have a word input and every clock pulse I want to shift it into sequential word array (n, n+1,n+2 .......). I already saw the function F110_WSHR but I didn’t understand how it is working And how I declare the input word and starting address and the number of words. Thanks
  5. Modbus Driver

    I'm looking for a DLL with C / C++ code
  6. Hello How can I get MODBUS driver ( RTU /ASCII) serial and over TCP/IP so I can control a plc from a windows application. Thanks.
  7. Average Function

    hello Please let me know how to make an average value of N 16 bit registers (N>50). Do I have to use ADD Function and then divide it by N or is there an easier way to do it? I use CPU331. Thanks David
  8. PID Controller

    I have already tune my controller and it also has Auto tuning option.
  9. PID Controller

    Hello I have to make foodstuff weighing putted on a conveyor belt that is hanged on a weigh-scale with a transducer output of 4-20ma according to weight. I have to keep a constant avarage weight. There is a second conveyor belt that is feeding the first one with the foodstuff according the velocity controlled by a VFD using also 4-20ma input equivalent to 25-80 Hz. Notice that input signal fluctuates . I have user a process pid controller with a filter on the input signal but it dosen't help and the controller change the speed of the VFD very rapidly Any suggestion what to do? Attached a schematic diagram Thanks
  10. Step 5 cpu102

    Hello I have Simatic S5 100u CPU102 . what are the part numbers/names of : 1. programming software ? 2. programming cable ? where can I buy these ? Thanks David
  11. Texas Instruments

    Hello Where can i get programming software for TI Plc system 505 - TI545 and programming cable ? thanks
  12. Landis & Gyre

    Hello I want to work with an old PLC of Landis & Gyre Called PRV 1.64 . how can I get the programming software ( dos version ). Thanks
  13. Hello I'm looking for a free softwre/demo in order to make communications tests with a device that has Modbus Ascii with 115200 baudrate. Please help.
  14. Hellow can anybody can tell me how can I make a RS232 to RS422 by myself ? Thanks David
  15. CQM1-cpu41

    Hello I have CQM1 cpu41 and I'm counting pulses from a sensor . I 'm getting 1256 mm for each four pulses, and i want to count meters. My questions are : 1. Can the DM be 32 bit register ? 2. Does the cpu-41 have floating point in order to calculate the meters count ? If not which PLC do I have to use in order to deal with floating point? Thanks David