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  1. FX3GE front port communication problem FX3G-485-BD

    Mitsubishi have got back to me and said the only difference is the port has to be set up as CH2 so I might just have a faulty PLC.  
  2. FX3GE front port communication problem FX3G-485-BD

      Hi I have just tried that but no communication. I also tested before connecting the PLC to my laptop with a terminal program running. The FX3G and FX3S PLC's communicated with the laptop no problem. But I am unable to get anything from the FX3GE PLC.        
  3. FX3GE front port communication problem FX3G-485-BD

    Hi Thanks I have just tried the settings as above But still Nothing. with the FX3G and FX3S PLC's I tried I had the serial set as CH1, Non-Procedural, 7Bit, Even, 1 Bit, 19200, RS-485, Form 1.  And that was communicating with the drive all ok. I have the Code set as M8000------------------------------------------------------------ [RS D200 D216 D220 K15]   I also couldn't get the FX3GE PLC  to work with RS232 using the FX3G-232BD card on the front port,  as per the the FX3-Series_UserManual_DataCommunicationsEdition_JY997D16901-M I am beginning to think that the front port might not support communication.  As the PLC has in built Ethernet. Or it needs a different configuration. But I am unable to get any answers at the moment from our supplier or Mitsubishi.        
  4. FX3GE front port communication problem FX3G-485-BD

    HI I downloaded a blank project to the PLC. Then cleared the memory. powered off. Powered back on opened my program checked the channel settings in PLC parameters. then downloaded the code to the PLC.
  5. FX3GE front port communication problem FX3G-485-BD

    Hi   I have just cleared the PLC memory and tried again but its still not working.
  6. FX3GE front port communication problem FX3G-485-BD

    Hi   I don't have any other devices connected to the PLC at the moment. It just the  FX3G-485-BD board plugged in to the front port.  
  7. FX3GE front port communication problem FX3G-485-BD

    There is only 1 port on the front of the FX3GE.
  8. Hi. I'm hoping someone can give me an answer on this problem I'm having with a FX3GE PLC. I am trying to get a FX3GE plc to communicate to a drive over RS485 using a FX3G-485-BD card. In GXworks2. But am having no luck.  I have tried changing the PLC communication settings in PLC parameters between CH1 and CH2, But am unable to get any communication working on the front port. I have also tested with a FX3G-232-BD RS232 card and have the same problems. There is no activity on the SD RD led's and no data being sent. If I put the FX3G-485-BD card in a FX3G or FX3S PLC I have running the same code it works fine. So the problem I'm having is with the FX3GE PLC Please can someone tell me what the difference is with the front Communication port on the FX3G and the FX3GE. And how I can get the FX3G-485-BD card working on the FX3GE PLC. Thanks
  9. FX3S ERR light flashing

    HI   I don't have the option FX3S in  gxworks 2 ver1.98c . In the end. I think the problem was with the rs232 module in gxworks2 causing a problem. I connected to the PLC in GXdeveloper, where I was able to communicate with the PLC. then I was able to load a basic program in to the PLC which worked. And cleared the problem. So its working fine again.  
  10. FX3S ERR light flashing

    Hi I'm hoping someone can help with my PLC ERR light flashing problem. I recently purchased a fx3s PLC and have been learning to program it.using gxworks 2 ver1.98c with the project set for a FX3G CPU.And all has been working fine until this morning.The PLC has now got a flashing err light.I am able to connect the computer to the PLC over USB and they communicate OK. As before.However I am unable to write a program to the PLC. I have also tried to run a PLC diagnostic test. But get an error message. "The PLC type set in the project is different from the one set in the connected PLC.  Please match the PLC to the one actually connected."   I have checked the project change PLC type and it is set as a FX3G as per the project. Is there a way to do a factory reset on the PLC. Or has anyone got any Idea I can try to fix it. Thanks