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  1. Macro Burned by the Micro 850

    I had heard that the 800 series was rebranded or the design bought from elsewhere, one of the two. Makes sense. Thanks for ranting, I won't bother to try it.
  2. Micro800 family scan time?

    http://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/sg/2080-sg001_-en-p.pdf Page 3 (page 5 of the PDF) shows the minimum scan time as <0.25ms for everything but the Micro820.
  3. Micro800 family scan time?

    I have yet to use any of the Micro800 series, but AFAICT from product literature the same program should be faster on a Micro800 series PLC vs. a MicroLogix. I want to say that basic instruction times were about 1/5th the time.
  4. Micro800 family scan time?

    You might be reading the scan times wrong, or you have a little more than simple programs. The scan times are x100 microseconds, i.e. a scan time of 19 means 1.9ms. The typical programs I do for my company's well testing skids run in 5ms scan times or less, 3ms if implement my own scheduling.