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  1. Hello All, I am quite new using SoMachine version 1.5. I am just trying to use Timer Pulse Fucntion block. I my understanding the timer pulse function block can generate pulse in the output. Hereby I attach the programm ive made. In this program, i want to add %MW0 by 1 until 10 second. I expect the result is 10 but when I simulate the program, it add 10 in every second. Why this is happend? Do I have a wrong understanding about the timer pulse. When I read the help I think this timer is the same as timer on.    Thank you for your help Regards, Arum
  2. CX process Error

    Dear All, Hi my name is arum. I am just starting my own project using CS1W-LCB01 and Omron CS1G CPU42 H, and i am using CX process to program the LCB01. The first time i try the LCB, it was doing well, no error occurred. But now, I have some problems here. 1. Internal board error always appear 2.Error 0A0D was detect when i am try to download the program to LCB. Iam using CX server communication driver. Because the problem always occurred, I clear the PLC memory then download again the PLC  configuration, and then restart the PLC configuration every time this problem occured After some times, it doing well. 3. But now, I even cant download the program because there always communication timed out Anyone had experience with this case. Please give me some advise. Thank you in advanced.    
  3. Dear All, Hello my name is Arum I just started my new project with CS1G CPU 42H and LCB001. I created program with CX Process, but It just confusing. I am using range conversion block (please see capture 1) and connect to the analog input port. I already make sure that the configuration is correct. With this range conversion block i want to convert analog input to 0-6 bar scale. and display it to HMI. My question is: 1. Have I done the correct method? 2. How I recall the output address of the block Thank you in advance for your help.

    Haii everyone. I have recently search about omron hmi view . i wonder if this sofware can be installed in PC. pleae help. Thanks in advabce