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  1. Programmatic Timer/Delay

    Yeah, that looks good. I have to take a closer look at when i get back in the shop. It looks like it will work great and its short and simple. Thank you!
  2. Programmatic Timer/Delay

    roger that Thanks for all your help. yeah I have no escape, I gotta few spare PLCs hanging on the wall to test w/ but unfortunately this is a new one of a kind, its in a new machine. If it were you where would you have originally posted this? Trying to learn the Forum Rules of the Road. Is there a way to say/post I got my answer to properly 'close' the Topic?
  3. Programmatic Timer/Delay

    Yeah I was trying to put the math result directly into POPDWN4_DLY.PRE then additionally I was trying to put POPDWN4_DLY.PRE into the (TON) Timer.PRE,  , then got String invalid I think I am beginning to see the problem... I gotta mess going  Being new to 5000, is there like an emulator so I can test my code w/out hook'n to a processor? "The Hurryier I go the behinder I get"  as they say,
  4. Programmatic Timer/Delay

    k, here's the code attempt, i'll look at the code example when I can , thanks b_carlton ProgramaticTimerAttempt.pdf
  5. Programmatic Timer/Delay

    okay, thanks guys, when I get back in the shop @wrk I'll post the PDF and have a look at the code that was sent, thanks!
  6. Programmatic Timer/Delay

    Thank you, I took a stab at it during a brief window break in production, didn't get it, figured I try the Forums to be ready for next time.  I used the MOV set preset values, I used DIV for the calculations.  I used A CTR, preloaded it for the cycle count all fed into a TON. Seemed like the CTR preload didn't work, anyhow the Counter went negative, right away. It was preset, i had hoped, to a Tag that should have had the value of 4. Counter value went negative, PLC faulted. Production had to run again right away to I reverted to old program and that was it. I am away from my laptop as well but, I was hoping maybe somebody might post a little code for this easy challenge for me. There are three types of people in the world... Those that can count and those who can't  
  7. Programmatic Timer/Delay

    Howdy, Wasn't sure the best place to post this Programmatic Timer/Delay question. I need to create a Timer whose 'time' will change programmatically. I am having trouble coding this in RSLogix/Studio 5000. I need to delay a little more every time 1 Product passes through up to a certain count then reset and start over. Basically during a conveyor transition, via a pop=up conveyor, I don't want the product in the same place every time. I want each successive product to be in a little bit different spot, call it the Conveyor Land Point. The product will land a little further each product, then start back at the first land point I have no code to share as all attempts were FAILs Inputs: > Product Count (Count up or down counter) > Product Count Cycle (Number, constant, set able, currently = 4) > Delay Time Sequence Interval (Number, constant, set able, currently = 0.25 seconds) Outputs: A sequencing delay, based on Product Count > Delay Sequence:  1st delay 1 second. 2nd delay 2 seconds, ... up to Product Count Cycle (4) then reset back to 1. Program: (As I was thinking) Set Product Count Cycle, Product Count Cycle = 4 (May change could be 3,4,5, or 6) (Might be hard code, might be an HMI input) Set Delay Time Sequence = 0.25 seconds (May change could be 0.5, 0.75, 1.0 etc.) (Might be hard code, might be an HMI input) Line start, Product Count at one (1) Calculate Delay     Delay   = Delay Time Sequence Interval * Product Count Cycle * Product Count  Product Count increments via PE Repeat e.g. Hopefully I have not 'run' at the mouth, wanted to give as much info upfront                I included a picture Any thoughts, help would be great. thanks,