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  1. Yeah, that looks good. I have to take a closer look at when i get back in the shop. It looks like it will work great and its short and simple. Thank you!
  2. roger that Thanks for all your help. yeah I have no escape, I gotta few spare PLCs hanging on the wall to test w/ but unfortunately this is a new one of a kind, its in a new machine. If it were you where would you have originally posted this? Trying to learn the Forum Rules of the Road. Is there a way to say/post I got my answer to properly 'close' the Topic?
  3. Yeah I was trying to put the math result directly into POPDWN4_DLY.PRE then additionally I was trying to put POPDWN4_DLY.PRE into the (TON) Timer.PRE,  , then got String invalid I think I am beginning to see the problem... I gotta mess going  Being new to 5000, is there like an emulator so I can test my code w/out hook'n to a processor? "The Hurryier I go the behinder I get"  as they say,
  4. k, here's the code attempt, i'll look at the code example when I can , thanks b_carlton ProgramaticTimerAttempt.pdf
  5. okay, thanks guys, when I get back in the shop @wrk I'll post the PDF and have a look at the code that was sent, thanks!
  6. Thank you, I took a stab at it during a brief window break in production, didn't get it, figured I try the Forums to be ready for next time.  I used the MOV set preset values, I used DIV for the calculations.  I used A CTR, preloaded it for the cycle count all fed into a TON. Seemed like the CTR preload didn't work, anyhow the Counter went negative, right away. It was preset, i had hoped, to a Tag that should have had the value of 4. Counter value went negative, PLC faulted. Production had to run again right away to I reverted to old program and that was it. I am away from my laptop as well but, I was hoping maybe somebody might post a little code for this easy challenge for me. There are three types of people in the world... Those that can count and those who can't  
  7. Howdy, Wasn't sure the best place to post this Programmatic Timer/Delay question. I need to create a Timer whose 'time' will change programmatically. I am having trouble coding this in RSLogix/Studio 5000. I need to delay a little more every time 1 Product passes through up to a certain count then reset and start over. Basically during a conveyor transition, via a pop=up conveyor, I don't want the product in the same place every time. I want each successive product to be in a little bit different spot, call it the Conveyor Land Point. The product will land a little further each product, then start back at the first land point I have no code to share as all attempts were FAILs Inputs: > Product Count (Count up or down counter) > Product Count Cycle (Number, constant, set able, currently = 4) > Delay Time Sequence Interval (Number, constant, set able, currently = 0.25 seconds) Outputs: A sequencing delay, based on Product Count > Delay Sequence:  1st delay 1 second. 2nd delay 2 seconds, ... up to Product Count Cycle (4) then reset back to 1. Program: (As I was thinking) Set Product Count Cycle, Product Count Cycle = 4 (May change could be 3,4,5, or 6) (Might be hard code, might be an HMI input) Set Delay Time Sequence = 0.25 seconds (May change could be 0.5, 0.75, 1.0 etc.) (Might be hard code, might be an HMI input) Line start, Product Count at one (1) Calculate Delay     Delay   = Delay Time Sequence Interval * Product Count Cycle * Product Count  Product Count increments via PE Repeat e.g. Hopefully I have not 'run' at the mouth, wanted to give as much info upfront                I included a picture Any thoughts, help would be great. thanks,