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  1. Dear All You open GX-Work or GX-Developer and goes to Parameter setting as show on image you can set the communication settings in de PLC parameters in GX Works thanku
  2. Connect Q02H PLC to HMI Proface

    Dear  Dont worry  i support from proface side .............. you can replace New HMI GP4501TAD for your problam GP2500 was absolute , you can convert program GP2500 to  New GP4501 by Project Converter  Thankhu
  3. Siemen 226 CPU NG connecting Proface

    This problem occur due to HMI COM Port block due to Earthing or Internal Power supply voltage............. you should  download empty program in HMI on Force Mode and after switch on/off and after that u download your program in HMI Thanku  
  4. FX3S

    Dear  First you should upload Program From PLC-FX3S by GX-Developer and than you create your program in this window and after that you download Thanku visit this link for more detail http://www.visionautomations.com/
  5. Dear ALL GP2500 was absolute, You should replace with new HMI GP4501TAD and new Software GP-ProEX 4.5 For More detail Contact Me -  :    +91-8373919163 Mail ID-  :  support@visionautomations.com Link- http://www.visionautomations.com/