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  1. NS10 system program update?

    Hello, I would like to download my project to the NS10 -v2 but i get the following error:   I kind of remember that it was p;ossible to update this automaticaly in similar cases, like 8.7->>8.8 or something like that, i just clicked on okay and it did it automatically. But after ok the application just stucks on loading, NS restarts, in case of ethernet. I tried it with usb, it just quits after ok, and nothing happens. How can i upgrade the NS10 to 8.8 or 8.7 or 8.9 to be able to download my new project??  
  2. NS10 system program update?

    As i stated i do not have memory card reader here with me. I cant do that method. I only have my ethernet, and usb cable.
  3. NS10 system program update? I found a sollution to downgrade it to 8.5  In this case it works, only told me that it will effect the communication with mitsubishi something. Im not using that so.
  4. Hi guys. I have 1 cj2m cpu33 reciving 3bits of info from 3 other plcs (all similar type cj2m cpu 34-33) The problem is that 2 bits are ariving the third one is not. See the pictures i uploaded:   I do not know these instructions, in the other cases it was working. However i noticed that the output plc had a different adress with D950. I changed the adress to D804 as you can see on the pictures but still not reciving the data.  I guess i will have to configure somwhere else also. All i found ( on internet that i have to open this datalink tool from the integrator. When i actually do that of course i just get an error: FATAL Error. Cannot read the file.   How can i make this work? Is the other way to constantly send this one bit with ethernet? Any sollutions, advices are welcome!
  5. Communication to plc using phone

    Hi guys how is it going?  I was wondering about a similar application, since i just got into android and it seems fairly easy to build an application to show information about the industrial systemn. Do you think its possible to have an opc server and some kind of data server application to run on the raspberry pi? And communicate via ethernet with cj2m?  What i have in mind is to just plug in the raspberry pi to the network, and as start to just have some information ona  local network over wifi to the android aplication
  6. Omron HostLink + Raspberry Pi

    Hi guys, how is it going?  As i understand you trying to make some kind og opc server with the plc using arduino and rasberry pi?
  7. Invert scale 0-990 --> 990-0

    Hello.  I have a D word number 0-990. I would like to convert it to 990-0. So i need a function which shows me 0, when the D100 is 990, and shows me 0 when the D100=990. And of course for the between values also. Calculating continiusly. Help is much appreciated :)
  8. You are missing al the comments, and for me it is hard to udnerstand the idea. But if you only want your code to work for 30 seconds, you can use a timer, your code starts a 30second timer. When the timer completition flag goess on, you can put a simple and to all the lines, so the timer needs to be reseted, to be able to run the rest of the code.
  9. Invert scale 0-990 --> 990-0

    I guess the function i would need, is y=(-x)+990 Is it possible to implement functions in cj2m ?
  10. ping ok, but no connection

    Hello, I encountered a strange problem, I can ping my screen on the given ip adress, but when i click on connect after ctrl-i in designer, (ip setting checked) i cannot connect to the screen, it just freezes. What could be the problem? Maybe some network setting not letting designer to connect?
  11. how to check display type?

    That is silly.  Thanks
  12. how to check display type?

    Hello, I have a silly yet anoying problem, How can i check the used NS / screen type in a current x designer project? So i have a project, and i need to get a display to test it, but i need to check what is the display type.
  13. where are the FB libraries

    Hello, Im looking for the in built function blocks, but i cannot find it in the program files/ omron folder where the manual says (even with search for *.cxf), perhaps i dont have it installed, but where can i get them from? As i remember i downloaded cx-one from the official omron web page after login etc, so thats why i dont understand why am i missing the fb libraries What else place there is to find useful FB-s? Thanks!
  14. where are the FB libraries

    Okay after looking more and more i found it: here i was able to download some strange programs, but in the end it worked out and i have finally my on delay timer. 
  15. CJ1M CPU11 how to set IP adress?

    After being able to set the ip adress, i was able to set the routing table and network adress also with cx integrator, and the NS worked. The upload is a good idea indeed! Thanks again for your help!!
  16. CJ1M CPU11 how to set IP adress?

    Hello, I have to work now with a cj1m cpu11. I would like to connect it to a ns10 display. My first obvious problem is when i made the project in cx programmer, that unlike in cj2m i wasnt able to select the cpu unit in the IO table and set the ip adress. How do i need to set the ip address? im reading an omron guide, but it is confusing, and so long, i only want to set the ip address :/. Also how can i set the fins network to 2? On the cx-designer i set the network address:2 and the node adress:40. I know that the 40 means the end of ip address. Thats why i want to set the plc. How about the network address 2?  Help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  17. CJ1M CPU11 how to set IP adress?

    I read a 70 page long omron guide i found nothing about that what you told. But it is the case and it worked! Thank you so much!  :)
  18. CJ1M CPU11 how to set IP adress?

    I have a picture from the rack what my customer has, and it is clear that the cpu has a built in Ethernet port. Not a separate expansion card. As i see not all of them has a built in Ethernet port. It is just given types.
  19. bit communicate between 2plc

    Hello, What is the easyest fastest way to get 1 bit information between cj2m omron cpus with ethernet connection? I only need a few bits of information, would be better if possible if i only need to modify 1 cpu program
  20. how to connect cj2m + ns8

    Hello, I would like to make single ethernet connection with a cj2m cpu31 and an ns8 screen. What exact setting are need to set at the cpu and at the screen project? Is there some kind of quick guide which shows where to click etc? I dont want to read 700 pages and didnt found a proper manual, maybe you know a good one? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hello! Is it possible to run a program only 1 time when i turn on the plc? In siemens it was ob 100 or soemthing like that, that program only runs one cycle at startup of plc. I want to make sure some bits are off at startup to be in safe position Thank you for your help!.
  22. Pt100 only measure

    Hello, I have a cj2 plc, and i would like to use two pt100 to measure, and just show the results on an hmi screen. I started to look at the  Cat. No. W396-E1-03 SYSMAC CJ Series CJ1W-TC@@@ Temperature Control Units manual,  but i don`t understand fully, that is these card are only for temperature controls? What is the easiest way to have the readings? it doesn't need to be the cheapest solution. And especially how is the programming works? Is there a special unit are i read about but how is the adressing works? Im completely new to omron (i know siemens) so any linked guides are welcome!
  23. Pt100 only measure

    Thank you really much for replies! With that much help i think programing wont be a problem anymore, only question is left which card to use. Bob mentioned PTS series. If i look at omron website i also see CJ1W-PDC15. For my application i would like to connect 2 PT100, but also an other analog tank level sensor, and maybe pressure also im not sure yet. Actually what is the difference between these cards? PTS mentions "Temperature sensor type" as input i guess, so as bob advised i guess with this card i can just connect my two pt100 without anything else and it will work just like that? And for the another level sensor can i use another of this pts card, or should i get a pdc15 card?  As i see the pts51 has 4 inputs, can i connect different sensors also to these 2 another inputs? Or is it only for temp, and i should get the pts15 for temp + pdc15 for another analog measurement?
  24. Pt100 only measure

    So i can simply wire my pt100 to the  CJ1W-PTS51 ? how can i use the mov ladder fbd to move temperature from D area? i understand the logic, but i dont know omron memrory adressing. It is very frustrating, i didnt found a nice guide with example on what kind of memory areas exist and how to use them. Like in siemens i can use M1.1 for a memroy bit I1.1 for input etc, and in case of special card maybe has an fbd with db, then the temperature would be like word DB501.3 or something like that.  May you please give me a fast example or link a guide that you know of about that it is good?   Unit No. Special I/O Unit Area DM Area 0 CIO 2000 to CIO 2009 D20000 to D20099  i found thisone, what i need to write into the mov to get data from these areas?
  25. Hello, My quest is to make a memory card, which I can just put into my PLC on the field and load all program and options etc to my plc. Now i found the official omron guide about it but its not good at all... For example is does not explain that how i need to transfer the H and D memory part to the plc, and that not all network settings are being copied if im not careful.   But my question is: is it possible to make this backup memory card without having the actual plc? Because the process is done in memory card window, which is only available if you are online. So basicly i have to get all the plc rack parts to make this work? I tried with the simulator but ofc it is not working.   Someone mentioned me that it is possible he heard from someone but no one actually knows how to. And there is nothing in the omron manual as i see.