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  1. Sysmac delta robot palletizing

    Thanks for reply. I also successfully develop delta robot without any issue,  But, i faced the mentioned issue above when develop SCARA RRP+R Robot..
  2. Sysmac delta robot palletizing

    May i know which type of robot you used? Delta Robot ?
  3. Sysmac delta robot palletizing

    Thanks reply. Initially, i measure  mechanical position for robot z axis's about 0mm and Rz axis at 0 degree. After that, i jog positive the robot at Rz axis with "MC_RobotJog" command with 180 degree, i measure again mechanical position robot z axis's about 10mm (wrong) and Rz axis at 180 degree (correct). I try again using "MC_MoveTimeAbsolute" by Robot X=400mm, Y=100mm, Z=0mm, and R=0degree at initial position. Then i command "MC_MoveTimeAbsolute" with Robot X=400mm, Y=100mm, Z=0mm, and R=180degree position. i found that mechanical position for robot z axis's increase 10mm (wrong) and Rz axis at 180 degree (correct). Sorry, i dont know why i can't attach any picture/video for better explanation.
  4. Sysmac delta robot palletizing

    I using NJ501-4300 to control a SCARA RRP+R Robot with ball-spline design. I use Function Block "MC_RobotJog" to jog the Rz axis, Z axis and Rz axis turn together. When Jog z axis, only z axis are turning. Any solution?  
  5. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    I have 2 machines are same PLC Program. But machine come with different Revision of Omron 1S Servo Drive. Every time, after i change machine 1's program, i need reconfigure the EtherCat network before download program into the machine 2.  Is there anyway to bypass the Sysmac Studio revision checking?   Machine 1 Network Configuration: Machine 2 Network Configuration:
  6. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Actually, i have few structures are all boolean's Data Type. But all these structure are different in number of member.  My plan is write common Function/Function Block to do some calculation on these structures. But the problem is i can't know the number of members on this structure i passing to the function/function block.   I cant use array for this features because of limitation during modify or changes program.
  7. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Is there any method to get number of member on a structure Data Type?   Example: There are 9 members on s_Seq structure as per picture below.  
  8. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    How to create a Function with Any Data Type of In/Out variable as per picture below?  
  9. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Dear Crossbow; 1) How to change the color for enum color (Please refer picture)? 2) How to show the enum value during online (Please refer picture)? 3) How to group the global variable? 4) There is [Complete Word] function at Structure text, but no this function at Ladder diagram.
  10. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Change the Start and End index cant solve my issue. Actually, i using shift register command to write the program sequence as per picture below. I'm no issue to insert new step sequence in between by using [Moving Address on Search and Replace Pane] on CX-programmer. There will become big issue for me on Sysmac Studio without this features on [Search and Replace Pane].  
  11. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Dear Crossbow; Thanks your reply. I think you misunderstand. In CX-programmer, user able to replace the address with Moving Address as per attach picture below. Result: -Address 0.00 will change to address 0.07 -Address 0.01 will change to address 0.08 -Address 0.02 will change to address 0.09 -Address 0.03 will change to address 0.10 -Address 0.04 will change to address 0.11 -Address 0.05 will change to address 0.12   Is it possible have this function on array replace in Sysmac Studio? Mean that, if user key in on Search And Replace Panel with Search What: test[1]-test[4] Replace With: test[10]-test[13]   -test[1] will change to test[10] -test[2] will change to test[11] -test[3] will change to test[12] -test[4] will change to test[13]  
  12. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Dear Crossbow; It is possible have this function on array replace only as per CX-programmer?