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  1. Just a note for anyone else having trouble with the touch Trigger. I confirmed with Omron that this is a bug that will hopefully be fixed in future versions of NB Designer. Jim
  2. I was able to solve this with a Timer and simple Macro however this issue led to another mystery and if anyone can tell me what is going on here I would really appreciate it.  The Touch Trigger is not working the way I expect it to work. When I put a Bit Button set to Momentary and Bit Lamp on a screen and set the Bit Button sending LB0 and the Lamp reading LB0 if I press the Button the Lamp comes on when the Button is down as I would expect. If I then put a Touch Trigger on the screen that responds to LB0 and OFF > ON as the trigger condition when I press the Button the Touch Trigger appears to immediately reset the Button and Lamp to 0. The Touch Trigger is not over either the Lamp or Button. I though the Touch Trigger only reads an input then activated something under it. I don't understand why it feeds back to the Button controlling it. Please can anyone shed light on this as I obviously don't understand the Touch Trigger to work the way I thought it did??
  3. Hi I am having trouble programming something I thought would be simple. I am using Word Lamp to display 6 different images ie. 6 states.  I have 5 Command Buttons. When pressed each one causes a different image to be loaded . What I want is the 6th image to display when the command buttons are released and before they are pressed. Unlike Bit Button which has a momentary setting , Command Button can only set a state. I wish it had a momentary feature so the state value could  be set when pressed and return to 0 when released. I hope I am being clear with what my issue is .  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Jim
  4. Hi, I have a couple of questions on NB Designer I am hoping someone can help me with. Is it possible to use one's own vector graphics files? I don't recognize the .vg file format NB Designer uses. I was wondering how I could use .svg format vector graphics? Is there a way that I can have a number display move? I wanted to have a horizontal scroll bar  with the changing number  appearing at the top of the slider as it moves?    Thanks! Jim
  5. Thanks a lot Michael. This is great.  A very simple and elegant solution but one I would never have thought of and couldn't find documented anywhere. Jim
  6. Just found the Write Notice under Triggering Action which I think I can use but still trying to figure out how to make a Function Key invisible and still active. Thanks Jim  
  7. Hi, I am new to OMRON HMI's so have a newbie question. I am using NB Designer and a Function Key control to change screens. When this button is pressed I would like to set a bit. Is the best way to do this to just put a Bit Button under the Function Key control? It seems to me there must be a better way. I also could use a Bit Button which triggers a Touch Trigger over a Function Key to change screens  but in that case I would want to make  to make the Function Key invisible? Is there a simple way to do that? Thanks