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  1. Hi thanks for your reply. I actually have the manual but thank you. I am just finding the manual a little confusing (please forgive my lack of understanding). So in this instance -[TO K0 K22 K0 K1]-  the value 0 is written to BFM#22 which I understand. Am I correct to say that if as in this case writing the value 0 to BFM#22 disables it and if I place the value 1 in BFM22 I am enabling it? It's also the concept of if BFM#22 is actually enabled what can I do with it and how is this done? Knowing how to enable or disable It is probably the most important thing for now. Again, thanks for the help.   Paul   
  2. Hi, I am not an advance user of PLC's but I can muddle my way around. I am currently reviewing a program written by another person and I will need to make some modifications. I have noted that on a M8002 pulse the Mitsubishi FX2N-8AD CH5 to CH8 -[To K0 K1 H3333 K1]-  are all set for a 4-20mA current input which is perfectly acceptable however on the same pulse is written -[TO K0 K22 K0 K1]-. I was hoping that someone could explain exactly what this is doing. I understand that the first K0 is the module number K22 is BFM#22 but I am not sure exactly what this is and I am a little confused by what is written in the manual. (8.2.7 BFM #22: Sets convenient functions: The functions described below are assigned to b0 to b3 of BFM #22. When a bit is set to ON, the assigned function becomes valid. When a bit is set to OFF, the assigned function becomes invalid..............) .Due to not knowing exactly what BFM #22 is doing I am unsure why the next K0 is used and the final K1 is to do this operation once? I apologise if this seems like a very basic question but I just can't seem to find any further detail online regarding BFM#22 that I can understand. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help. Paul.