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  1. Vijeo Citect - write to tag - error

    Problem is solved. We set "Enable write at run time" option in Ethernet network module settings in GX Developer side.
  2. Vijeo Citect - write to tag - error

    Hi everyone.  In Vijeo Citect SCADA I created some tags and I try to write to a bit device of MELSEQ Q PLC. But I get this error : Cicode General software error. Note: I can read from PLC.
  3. Writing access to Safety CPU

    I must to change some set points from my SCADA program when process is running. For example i want to change remotely value of pressure for start or stop of water pump i.e. I mean I make program for my process and set "solid" values. Then I want to change some of them. What should I do?
  4. Writing access to Safety CPU

    I have to write from PC in my situation. How would the whole point of safety cpu be broken? What do you mean exactly?
  5. Writing access to Safety CPU

    Hello. I tried to read/write from/to safety cpu (QS001) over MC protocol. I managed to read from cpu devices but i couldn't write to any safety cpu device. It was possible to write data to Q series plc (Q02HCPU in my example) with MC protocol. I am searching any method of writing to safety cpu (QS001). If anyone could this before? And are there any settings in GX Developer (GX works) for access to writing to QSCPU? P.S: As known it's possible to read/write from/to Q series PLC with MX Component. It's also available reading from QSCPU with MX component. But cannot write to safety cpu with MX component (written in Mx component manual). Thanks.