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  1. Hi, Mr. Carlton 

    Firstly, thank you for providing me solutions and strategies of how to tackle my door cycle project. I did follow your instructions which the first step is to write one simple rung to turn the motor on by using an input. However, I got stuck yesterday and not able to make the motor turn. Could you kindly offer me some suggestions? The wiring diagram and the initial one rung code is shown in the attached document.The goal of this project is to use AB110O to control the a DC motor to drive a shaft to open and close the door. The AB1100 is able to input a certain amount of testing cycles  and it is also required to show the amount of testing cycles through its LCD display.  Since I am new to PLC, is it even possible to use AB 1100 to control this  Bodine BLDC (click the link to find the motor brochure) under this method? Someone told me I should use PWM to control the motor if I want to count the amount cycles. Unfortunately, I could not verify this. 

    Thank you so much again, I really appreciate it. 

    Quan Yuan 

    Wiring Diagram_AB 1100_Bodine BLDC Motor.docx

  2. Hi, I am a beginner to PLC. I am currently working on a home project with Allen Bradley 1100 model. The project is to build a door open-shut cycle tester.  The motor I have purchased is a Bodine Brushless DC34B/FV INTEGRAmotor. My goal is to utilize the Allen Bradley to to control the motor and then the motor drive a shaft to open/shut the door. Through the LCD screen the of PLC, we can set and view the amount of cycles.  I have finished the initial stage of wiring. But not sure how should I start on the programming part. Could any of you give me any hints on the programming portion? Thank you so much.