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  1. C0-10DRE-D

    I haven't used the Click PLC but have used the Productivity 2000 and 3000 series. They are pretty good too. I've also used a range of their relays and solid state relays and have had no issues at all with them. 
  2. EA3 Micro Panel

    I'm not sure there is an option to display time of day on these Micro HMIs. I have a couple of them here but I don't see an option to configure this in the software. These are great little units but have their limitations. I have found the support from Automation Direct pretty good with all their products. It might be worth dropping them a quick email if no-one else jumps in with a solution.  techbox@Automationdirect.com
  3. GE Rx3i card seating issues

    Had a similar issue in the past with an RX3i rack. We had to replace the chassis to resolve. Just ensure connectors are tight and that grounding is not an issue.
  4. PME v 7 - two programs compare?

    Unfortunately, PME 7.0 does not have a compare utility similar to RSLogix and you can only open one program at a time. If the programs, (hardware configuration), are similar, you could download one project to the PLC and go online using the other project. This way you could do a "Verify Equality' check and identify the differences this way. I'm not sure of any other way to achieve this using this version of Proficy.