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  1. Problem in communication between Omron CJ2 and AB L33ERM

    It's the default file that i've found on the download section, i've only changed the ip addresso to -> (in order from top to bottom of the instructions) #3139 #322E #3136 #382E #3235 #302E #3032 #3000 ControlLogix and CompactLogix Explicit Message 105.cxp
  2. Hi, i have to connect few PLC on the same subnet, there are 3 Omron CJ2M and 1 AB L33ERM/A, the connection should send some words between one of these Omron PLC to the AB   I've tried using the "Explicit Messaging" but i cannot send the data, i only receive the error "514" and nothing more, what can i try?