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  1. Text block printing is not happening with E1022 hmi eventhough print text block  trigger signal is activated....Please help me...   Thanks in advance
  2. Delta HMI software Screen Editor V1.05.81

    Hi.. Waited for Delta reply. But they are not responding as expected. So, decided to change the HMI to DOP-B series. Program development started for the new HMIs... Thank You.. Mr. Cross Bow.    
  3. I want the older screen editor version of delta HMI( Version V1.05.81). I think this is the only Version in which Delta DOP-AS57CSTD Model is present.  
  4. Printer for Panelview 600?

    Hi U can try Epson LX310 (80col) Dot matrix printer or Epson TMU220D(40 Col) Dot matrix printer. If it is a CE terminal, U can see the procedure in RA knowledge base answer ID 28334.   Thanks
  5. Delta HMI software Screen Editor V1.05.81

    HI.. Yes i did. Waiting for their reply
  6. Delta HMI software Screen Editor V1.05.81

    Hi.. The newer version of screen editor V1.05.86 is not compatible with the DOP-AS57CSTD HMI model.   As per the Delta announcement in 2009. This HMI model is present in Screen editor V1.05.81. Please find the attached Delta Enews Doc(HTML). I have searched the internet for the older version but no result. Pls help me..    Thank You...     ++++Delta Automation e-News++++.html
  7. Delta HMI software Screen Editor V1.05.81

    Hi Mr.Crossbow, Yes. I had. As per vendor it was done by a third party company.  Now he has the program backup of HMI but not the configuration software. Is there any way that i can get that particular version of software? In Delta's website, V1.05.78 & V1.05.86 are available but not V1.05.81.   Thanks...
  8. Hi... Please find the example VBS for the printing application in Siemens CE terminals for reference... Dim f Dim path Dim mode mode=8 Dim life life=0 Dim hr,hrm Dim min,minm Dim sec,secm hr=Hex(SmartTags("Act_Hour")) min= Hex(SmartTags("Act_Minute")) sec= Hex(SmartTags("Act_Sec")) If hr<10 Then     hrm=0&hr Else     hrm=hr End If If min<10 Then     minm=0&min Else     minm=min End If If sec<10 Then     secm=0&sec Else     secm=sec End If path="\Flash\print.csv" Set f=CreateObject("FileCtl.file") f.Open path,mode f.LinePrint("                                                             " & "EZAMPLE") f.LinePrint("                                                        " & "COMPANY")
  9. I want to do a printing application from TP1200 comfort panel HMI. For online printing of data, many suggested to go for VB script. I dont know scripting. Can anyone help me in this regard. 
  10. Hi, Got this from Rockwell Knowledge Base... Get the reference The information below are required version compatibility between the PanelView Plus terminal and PC KEPServer Enterprise  PanelView Plus Firmware  Computer KEPServer Version "Software Updates" version for download  3.00  4.090.236  3.20.00  3.10  4.105.261  4.00.00  3.20  4.143.301  4.10.00  4.00  4.170.328  4.20.00  5.00  4.264.401  5.00.00  5.10  4.500.462*  6.00.00  Note: The download has both v4.5 and v5.3  6.00  6.00.00   6.10  6.00.00   7.00  7.00.00  Note: The download has both v4.5 and v5.7  8.00 / 8.10 / 8.20  8.00.00  Note: The download has both v4.5 and v5.13  9.00  5.19.476.0  9.00.00  Note: The download has both v4.5, v5.13, and v5.19
  11. I have a panelview plus 700 terminal installed with Kepserver Enterprise V5.13.213.0. Will it work with Kepserver Enterprise V5.7.90.0 installed in my PC? Please help me. Thank You.....
  12. I have a panelview plus 700 terminal installed with Kepserver Enterprise V5.13.213.0. Will it work with Kepserver Enterprise V5.7.90.0 installed in my PC? Please help me. Thank You.....

  13. SQL database use in Beijer IX HMIs

    Hi Wlederer,   Thank you...   I will go through it and come back...  
  14. How to integrate SQL database for data logging in Beijer IX HMIs.. Hi Theo, Can u help me...?   Thank You...
  15. Hi Theo, Its Working.... I have used the same cable configuration that you have mentioned above with additional shorting of 7,8(RTS,CTS) in 9 pin side.. Thank you for spending your valuable time in resolving this issue.. Its great time for me to work with you...
  16. Hi Theo, Thanks for your response. Yes, my printer ( Epson TM-U220D Dot matrix printer) supports ASCII. I am not using HP printers. I have checked the com2 port settings and printer settings and made them same. But the problem persists. ( 9600, Even, 7, 1) As i know that Completion signal will be enabled when the print trigerring from HMI was completed . This is for our reference only whether the print was completed or not. This will not do any effect on the print signal.  I think the problem is with my printer cable. My printer communication cable  configuration is  9 pin(HMI)                                                                  25 pin(Printer) 2                                                                                           2 3                                                                                           3 5                                                                                           7 7, 8 shorted(RTS,CTS)                                                      4,5 shorted(RTS,CTS)  ( I havent shorted these highlighted pins in my cable, whether it will affect this on my printing application). Please help me regarding this cable configuration.  
  17. Hi Theo, Nice to hear from you... I am using E1022 HMI directly. It is not an upgradation from E terminals to E1000 terminals.. Yes i am using CAB30( cross cable) cable for programming and the printer communication cable configuration is as mentioned above.( 9 pin to 25 pin). It is the first setup of printer to this HMI.(E1022). Please find the attached E designer file. Please help me to resolve this issue. 100KG GANSONS HMI PRACTICE FOR
  18. Hi Theo, Thanks for the reply... I have directly connected the serial printer to the RS232 port of HMI.(E1022) I want to print the text block in HMI through printer by getting the trigger signal from FX3U PLC. I have configured the print signal(trigger signal) in the text block properties tab. In the peripherals tab, printer was connected to COM2 port along with HMI tools and Transparant mode function. COM2 settings are (9600, None,8,1) with XON/XOFF handshake that matches with the printer serial port settings. i am using a cable between printer & HMI with pin configuration of  9 pin      25 pin 2    to      2 3   to      3 5   to      7. i have checked the print signal is activating in the PLC but there is no print response from HMI.( Not understanding whether the problem is with HMI or with Printer). The same printer is communicating with the other HMIs( E1061, E1011) satisfactorily with the same process, settings & cable. I have also upgraded the firmware of E1022 hmi to V1.50 B748. But the problem was not resolved... Please help me to solve this problem... Thanks in advance