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  1. Ethernet/IP

    Thanks to all for the information.  I have the information needed to proceed.   All of you were far more helpful the the local AB rep.
  2. Ethernet/IP

    Thank you all for your replies.  I do need both explicit and implicit messaging. Also need it to support QuickConnect which I believe is a function of my device rather than a function of the PLC  (Appedix E in the Ethernet IP spec.)  I have been looking at the 1769 CompactLogix.   The PLC cost was not a real big issue but from what I have determined the software required is very costly. What is the base software that would be required for the 1769 CompactLogix? A bit of history, I currently use emulation software to emulate the function of the PLC but would like to test the product on a real PLC before release or compliance testing.  This really became a concern when QuickConnect was added to our spec which requires me to do testing to make sure the device can add itself to a EIP network in less than 500ms.    
  3. Ethernet/IP

    Ethernet/IP.  I am new to AB and looking for the smallest (cheapest) AB PLC that would support Ethernet/IP  network devices .   Can someone point me to the PLC that would fit this?   Also which software would be needed for programming?