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  1. E5CC Temperature Controller

    Hi Jay Anthony, Thanks a lot for you link i will study and try on it.
  2. Hi All Master, I am new to Omron! Can anyone please advise how to connect Omron PLC ( CJ1M CPU-11 + SCU41-V1) to E5CC temperature over Modbus RS-485.? I tried the temperature controller with SCADA , it is successful and when i try with Omron PLC , it is not successful,  I have tried with one temperature sensor as modbus slave and plc as master , successful as well . Can anyone help me please ?
  3. CX-Protcol MODBUS Serial Communication

    Hi Jojo712 if don' t mind can you please share your ormon program modbus with ATV 312.I am new here and learning plc. Thanks