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  1. Reset program

    Thank you all for reply this post. I already solve the problem. Here are the details: The machine calibrate a Overload switch, to do this the machine has 3 stepper motor to move the screws in the switch. It has a analog sensor to measure the height of the bimetal and a load celll to measure the force needed to make the overload trip. So the machine its feeded it with a overload switch each time and do the calibration according the manufacture metrics.  When the machine detect a overload switch that can not be calibreated, the machine turn on an alarm and the operator need to press the stop bottom. With this the program reset all the registers and flags. The problem was that one of the flags wasnt reset when this happens. So the solution was reseting this flag.  This is one of my first project as a programmer, so I´m sure in going to find this forum very usefull. Best regards Sergio 
  2. Reset program

    Hi everyone I have this program on TIAPortal 13 where a couple of people have been working on, now its my turn to debug it. My issue it is that the program after a few runs, stop working well; and the operator needs to turn off the machine and turn it back. So the PLC starts over and the machine runs well again for a few runs.  Im working on debugin the program to find out the problem but I havent found it. Its there any instruction that reset the program, like when the operator do the hard reset. If this is possible I can program this reset after each cycle PLC S7-1200 Best regards Sergio