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  1. Controllogix Major Fault .info

    Hi, I have found a little more information on what the info registers mean. I havent yet worked out how to decode the values in info[0] through info[3]. Can anyone explain the hex values below based on the description below?   info[0] Task instance where fault occurred. Value =16#0000_0001 into[1] Program instance where fault occurred. Value =16#0000_da1e info[2] Routine instance where fault occurred. Value =16#0000_lbfa info[3] Address of fault. Value =16#0000_d374 info[4] -> [7] Not Used
  2. Rs Logix 5000 simulator

    That's correct. rslogix emulate is a separate install and licence.
  3. Hi, I have a ControlLogix L63 processor. We had a power outage the other day and the PLC went into Major Fault (Type 6, Code1). It is quite easy to find out what these mean (from vendor manual). However the major fault was reset before i looked at it, so i couldnt find any specific details on what routine faulted. There is GSV instruction in the fault handler to get the details of the Major Fault (MAJORFAULTRECORD). This recorded the TimeHigh, TimeLow, Code, Type and Info. I am now trying to determine what the date in the ".info" records mean (8 registers). I cant find this in any manual. Can someone help?