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  1. Ring main unit position designs

    Hey Thanx , notify me link for ring main unit position designs.
  2. Ring main unit switching devices have three position designs - closing- opening and earthing.. anyone know more about earthing ?
  3. APFC panel circuit

    Why we should use only fuse units in APFC Panel circuit instead of ACB and MCCB ?  
  4. VCB Panel - sizing

    Hey,  How to calculate sizing of vacuum circuit breaker ???
  5. Control panel pics/ new components

    Using relay panel, generator panel, LT APFC panel ..
  6. Elecrical Control Panel

    Which type of electrical panel is most reliable, give some idea about that ..?
  7. Selection of the Circuit Breaker

    Maximum value of current that a circuit breaker. Breaker is rated at in=125A for ambient temperature 40°C well-appointed with appropriate calibrated overcurrent tripping relay. That same circuit breaker used at high value of ambient temperature. Frame size current rated, circuit-breaker can be fit with over current tripping units of changed current level setting range. Rated operational voltage- this is the power which the circuit breaker designing to work in normal conditions. Additional values of voltage is assigned to the circuit, parallel to distributed conditions.
  8. Relay Vs. Trans. outputs - What's the difference?

    A relay is simple electromagnetic switch activated by current, and a transistor is made from semi conductive material. Transistor also providing current gain. A relay voltage cause more mechanical contacts to close or open. But in transistor is a three terminal device that is configure to increase signal or electronic switch. Relays are slower than transistor – 50ms to switch and more. In my point of view transistor is better than relays, they both work same but the difference is transistor need low voltage for switching.
  9. wire duct cutters

    I also use these...