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  1. STL Recombination

    Hello all! Has anyone any experience in programming STL logic on FX2s?  I'm converting a program from an ancient GEC PLC to Mitsubisih, before the GEC unit fails!.  I think I've all but done, but there's part of the machine sequence  which require two things operate at the same time then wait for both to finish before continuing (wait recombination).  I split the sequence in to two parallel STL sequences but I'm struggling to understand how to recombine the two.  The Mitsy programming manual is short of a programming example!  The screenshot, below, is what I've programmed from my understanding of the manual.  Is it correct before I continue?  Am I right in that the last steps of the parallel branches (S21 and S26) are driving outputs but with no direct condition to step to the next step (as in rungs: 155, 156) and that rungs 157, 158 is the correct programming technique before rung 159 which has the two conditions to recombine from both parallel branches to step 30?  Thankyou in advance for any help! 
  2. Setting the time in an E1100

    Success!  Thank you again!
  3. Setting the time in an E1100

    Thank you so much for your solutions.  I'll give it a go later on. Cheers!
  4. Setting the time in an E1100

    Hello! Is there a simple way to set the clock in an E1100 HMI?  I have E-Designer 7, a CAB30 cable and have uploaded the project from the HMI, but can't find a way to perform an online time change.  I could send the project back to the HMI with the SET TERMINAL CLOCK boxed ticked on the transfer screen but any uploading of programs involves a bucket load of paperwork which, as you can imagine, I'm keen to avoid...  On the transfer screen on E-Designer 7, I wondered whether unchecking SEND COMPLETE PROJECT and checking NONE under PARTIAL SEND would just set the clock or would the program in the HMI be erased? Thank you for any assistance! Vern