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  1. GX Developer IEC verification

    Thanks Gambit, Under options I see this v6.00 referenced under the code generation menu. What does the "boot file not identical" signify? Will it cause issues if I complete a download using v7.04?
  2. Hi all, I have been given a a GX developer IEC program that was last programed using ver 6.00 of GX developer IEC. I have ver 7.04 and when I do a verification with the code on the PLC it comes back as “Boot file not identical”. Everything else checks out ok.  My question is what issues will I have if I do a full download to the PLC?
  3. GX Work 2 SMS function block library

    Requesting same also
  4. FX3U CC-Link to STL-BT1

    Hi all, I have my STL-BT1 communicating with my FX3U PLC over CCLink. I am reading and writing inputs & outputs OK. I now have to add a Energy Monitor to the setup. Model: ME96SS I have added the FB for the unit be I am not communicating. I am not sure the Headaddress and Station number are correct. See rung 4 in attached pic.  
  5. FX3U CC-Link to STL-BT1

    Hi all, I haven't much experience in working with Mitsubishi products and looking for some help. As anyone any experience in setting up a FX3U CC-Link to STL-BT1. I have been asked to add a remote station to an existing operational FX3U PLC. I am using GX Developer IEC 7.04.  I am just looking to get communication working between the two devices.  
  6. Gx Works 2 MELSOFT Library?

    No security on project.
  7. Gx Works 2 MELSOFT Library?

    Hi, I am trying to find a link to download the melsoft library to use in my GX Works 2 software. Where can I download the package? Also I am unable to install Libraries. They are greyed out. See attached.
  8. Trending on GOT1000

    Hi all, I am new to the Got HMI terminals and was wondering how good is the trending on the GOT1000? Has the HMI got built in memory or does data need to be saved to an SD card? I am looking to trend and log 20  4-20mA analog readings. Is it possible to display all trends on the one screen or do I need a individual screen per trend? I am using GT Designer 3.    
  9. Adding I/O to existing FX3U

    Thanks for your input guys. I have checked my code and my Xs start at 0 and finish at 157. Ys start at 0 and finish at 37.   Would I be correct in saying that my Xs should only go to 137?
  10. Adding I/O to existing FX3U

    Hello, I have done a small work with Mitsubishi PLC's but have never setup one from scratch. I need to add more I/O to an existing Mitsubishu FX3U-64M Some basic info I need first is: How are the addresses & cards assigned? Do i add these cards on GX Developer IEC or use different software. I have the PLC code but nothing else. How do I find out the I/O limit.   The existing setup is: FX3u-4DA-ADP FX3u-4DA-ADP FX3u-4DA-ADP FX3u-4DA-ADP FX3U-64M FX3U-ENET FX2N-16EX FX2N-16EX FX2N-16EX FX2N-16EX FX2N-8AD FX2N-CNV-BC FX2N-8AD FX2N-8AD   Thanks in advance!