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  1. Dear All               Could you people help me to solve this issue. I need a Function in cx-supervisor with Push Button.I want Bit ON, when I pressed the button, and when I release the button then this bit goes OFF. Sorry for my bad English its not my native language.
  2. Please help me to find out this plc circuit diagam with full component detail
  3. Omron PLC Cj1M CPU11 ETN 21 IP fixing Problem.

    Thank you very much for your support. it is really very helpfull.
  4. Dear all Please identify me i am having one Issue in my PLC.When I changed the IP of my plc then suddenly its showing error ERH its mean IP address wrong but  My CPU setting is same like previous means unit no=0, x16^0=0 ,Node=x16^0=1  and IP is Mask add. but when I, transfer to PLC (in Program Mode) its not transferred(Failed to Transfer) please rectify me where I am doing wrong.
  5. Dear all I am new please help me to find out how i can do electrical connection plus control of softstarter ATS48C48Q Schneider brand.I am using this softstarter for 200kw motor heavy duty.i need control this motor beacuse it is taking high torque at starting time.
  6. Help to find out specification of analog card AD-081-V1 . please suggest me this analog input card is active or passive?.
  7. I found formula for Solid flow measurement: Q = (WR)            L Q = flow (kg/min or lb/min) W = weight of material on section of length L R = conveyor speed (m/min or ft/min) L = length of weighing platform (m or ft)
  8. Help me to find out how to calculate solid partical flow rate on Conveyor belt.I have CJ1M-CPU11 but it don't SUPPORT PRV ,CTBL COMMANDS. Guide me  other way how  to do it with same PLC CJ1M-CPU11.  i have cj1m-cpu11 but it dont support prv ctbl commands
  9. How to calculate PPR to RPM

    Thank you  it is very helpful for me.....
  10. How to calculate PPR to RPM

    Dear all  I am having trouble with calculation  of PPR to RPM. I am unable to predict the right answer to monitor rpm of motor speed, actually I am using the proximity sensor for getting pulse per revolution.I have 4 pulses per revolution.Motor is connected with mechanical gear the gear ratio is 13:1 and motor speed is 1480.sensor is fixed after gear output.
  11. Dear, i am doing one project on Omron PLC with  i am using Ethernet communication  with  VB to PLC but i am unable to show analog value on VB page please guide me how to get data of analog value in vb and show in for DI/DO i am using CIO &H0  forreading   and  &H1 for write but for analog value how i will show on
  12. HI, Dear i want to show  ampere of motor through  fins ethernet can you guide me how to  read data from plc through ethernet connection. i have cpu cj1m  cpu11  
  13. Thanks for all 
  14. Omron PLC-HOW TO connect and control I/O throug VB.NET
  15. I have CJ1M-CPU11 omron plc with ethrenet and serial port but i want to control through serial port.i have cx-programmer only and i write the ladder code in cx-programmer with address cio and i want to control that code through window based i can do this please help me.
  16. Omron PLC-How to set address of I/O

      I have a plc of cj1m cpu11 with analog input ad081-v1  and other digital input and output module.i want to add it analog input how i assign each input address.
  17. PLC IO Table --------------------------- To open this project, the following CPS files need to be installed.     CPS_CJ1M-CPU11_Ver4_0.xml Install CPS in the following procedure. Execute the [File - Install CPS] menu in IO Table and restart the support software after completing the installation. --------------------------- OK    ---------------------------  
  18. I am new in programming of PLC.  Dear suggest me ,how can done wiring of ID211, OC201  Omron plc i am confused.and not understand the data sheet.

  19. panelview550 error 31 and also not communicating with rslinx and panelbuilder32.whats the pinout diagram of pv550 to rslinx and communication process.i apologize for my bad english beacuse its not my native language. 
  20. Kaiser . I am using my old pv550 but the software erased  on this pv550  unexpactdly during i need to install the same software on pv550 and the .pva file is same as which is used already on the problem here i facing when i connect it with pc for .pva file installing  but first  protocol set and then auto configure but when i hit on auto configure  then he show unable to find.....message show Panelview 550 cat 2711-k5a5 ser f rev D frn 3.12  win mk1jc7os texcekl group 90804 pinout diagram of cable nc13
  21. Dear  Mickey i need the 2711-NC13 Cable pinout diagram.
  22. Dear suggest me how i download a .pva file in pv550 and tell me rs232  pinout from pv550 to pc  if any other procedure is here so suggest... i only download a file in pv550 but pv550 not communicating with rslinx and not appear when i configure communication protocol AB-DF1 buad rate 19200 CRC parity after that when i click on auto configure then he show  unable to find device   
  23. i have panelview550 cat2711-k5a5  kepad.the old program has crash so i install same program in panelview550 but the communication link between pv550 to rslinx not up means the pv550 not connected with rslinx or pc.the panelview550 comm led and fault led are blinking one bye one .pv550 to rslinx or pc ,  the cable for communication i used  ere made by me  through internet search DB-9 female port to DB-9 female port .when i connect pv550 to Micrologix1200 plc then comm led blinking stoped but  with rslinx  they not stoped.actually pv550 not connecting  or maybe my configuring mistake.