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  1. Hi PMCR,


    I'm working with an OMRON CP1L-L with the CP1W-CIF12 RS-485 Serial Communication Card and I want to read and write to a Filler Conrtroller of Micromotion, model 1500 with the option of Modbus RTU. I verified the Micromotion with Simply Modbus Master and I can read and write to some register without any problem.

    I setup the Serial Port 1 on the OMRON to Serial Gateway with all the same parameters of the Comm setting on the Micromotion. When I entered the values in the DM32300, 32301, 32302 and 32303, I force the bit A0640.0 at ON and I saw the light coming on momentarily. The bit at A0640.02 turned ON after few seconds and the value at the DM32352 get 0080 for timeout. Does that mean that I only have to increase the Time Response on Serial Port 1 ?

    Plus, do you know if there's a Modbus Slave Function Block for the comm RS-485?  I think that I need to use the CRC16 FB ?




  2. Hi there, I'm using an Omron CP1L PLC with the Serial Card CIJ12 (RS-485) and setting the serial port 1 in CX-One to Serial Gateway for Modbus RTU Master emulation. I just want to write to a register and when I connected the PLC to the Micromotion, I was thinking that the communication led indicator will light up but it didn't. Also I use a demo Modbus Master Simultor and connected via my RS-485 USB Converter to the MicroMotion. I wrote to a specific register and read the value after I sent the write function. Everything seems working very well at this point. So I reconncted the communication between the Omron serial card and the Micromotion. I configured the DM but nothing happen. I just not forced the bit at he address A640 bit 00, in the Omron manual, they call it the Modbus-RTU easy master function execution switch. So I think that I need to set a value of 1 to this software switch after I configured the D32300, D32301, D32302 and D32303. Please can someone telling me if I followed the instructions correctly or I'm just out of the track ? I also found another nice pdf manual on the internet )Omron Modbus Solution CP1H/CP1L/CJ1/CJ2/CS1) of a application. In this manual they showed how to read and write to a modbus slave register by entering value in the D5000 (for reading) and D6000 (for writting) memory area. So for this reason I'm a bit confused. CP1L_CP1H_CJ1 CJ2_CS1_Modbus.pdf