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  1. How do the HMI screens communicate with the screens ? If they are communicating over the LAN network . It may be possible to have the HMI for the line communicate with the CP1l-E .  
  2. Jonny . Thanks for the advice . I will rewrite that part and check if it will work . regards johan
  3. Hallo Jonny . sorry for the delay . the thing is Danfoss just limited the number of acces parameters for the cheap inverters . the FC051 has 2 setups and for that less parameters to acces . I hve writen the program in Smart logic , but do to not enough functions and to shine up the working I went for Modbus . now the shooting range works with a start/home push button ( starting the smartlogic( input :18 ) ) a 3 selector switch ( selecting the 3 distance ( input 19 ;27 ) what is working to reverse the drive I use setup 2 and 18 to start the drive and connection 29 as counter input while input 33 tells the drive it is at home position and reset the smart logic the drive you use hase 4 setups and there for 2 times more possebilitys but moor exspansif . the OMRON plc and ns screens came from a gift . So I am looking at an shine way to replace the button box by a touch screen just doing the same thing but then more visual . So : activate input 18 to start the smart logic . selct the different distance with the input 19 & 27 ( distance 1 19 : ON / 27 :OFF ; distance 2 19 :OFF /27 ON  ; distance 3 19: ON/ 27 ON .If 19 and 27 are OFF the smart logic whill not start . I can read the status from the inputs , but can not change there staus with ModBus , and that is what I want to do . so I you have an idee I will try it . long story but hope it will clear why I am so driven regards and thanks for all the feedback . johan
  4. The point is I controle 15 shooting range . Each range is controled by a NS5 screen connected in a LAN. the FC51 are connected in an 2 wire MODBUS netwerk only using the connections 68 & 69. this way I only have one Display prog . 1 short program that collects the message . and 1 prog for the FC51 . I can read the parameters 843.0 till 843.15 and write  the Data into the parameters 842.0 till 842.15 . but i can not start or stop the inverter for there is no setting in 832.0 till 842.15 . so how do I start and stop the inverter by Bus command.. I can send you the zip progs I am using if you like to have take a look at them regards Johan
  5. I have downloaded your prog , but I can not find the configuration for the FC280 . or what kind of communication you use for the serial port ( ( protocol macro or serial  ). I have now an prog running for the distance selction on an internal shooting range . I use a Fc51 to drive a motor with revolution trigger and Home sensor ( connected to the FC51 . the drive communicate by Modbus to a SCU42 card from OMRON . all Data is read and controled through ethernet IP and a NS5 screen . I have only some problem writing the start coil and changing some parameters . that is why I would like to try out your prog .   regards johan
  6. Hallo Jonny . can the program also work with an CJ2M31 or 33 with a SCU42 MODBUS comminicating with the FC51 from Danfoss ?    
  7. CJ2M, SCU32, Modbus RTU with 3G3MX2 VFDs

    Did you try to reload the macro's into the SCU 32 . I am using CJ2M-31 and SCU 42 . communicating with protocol macro's and no communication breakdown  
  8. Hallo Prof _Jonny .

    I am trying to control a FC051 drive through Modbus .

    I am using an CJ2M_CPU31 and an SCU42 from OMRON

    The SCU is connected with  Port 1 and (set up as num 15) to  the drives as 2 wire Modbus to the connections 68 and 69.

    I am using an modificated  CP1LCP1HCJ1CJ2CS1ModbusSolutionV212.prog.

    I can read the parametrs set from 843.0.

    but I am still not able to start or stop the Inverter .

    the project i am making is to have the FC51 drive an motor for an number of triggers and hold , then return to the home position on command .

    can your prog do what |I want for an FC51

    hope you have the solution .




  9. MODBUS Question

    Hallo Hanselot . I have tryed to make my own telegram . the problem I have is that the I use macro's in the NS5 screens to make the telegram . but MODBUS sends 8 Bit and the Controle Word from DANFOSS is 16 bit . if you have a telegram that can do 16 bit . i wil try it . regarsd Johan
  10. MODBUS Question

    Hallo Michael . I am using a OMRON PLC with a SCU42 card to communicate with a Danfoss inverter . The OMRON PLC runs a MODBUS RTU master prog . The Value for the program are set in a NS5 screen with FINS/TCP connection The Danfoss inverter communicate in MODBUS to the SCU42 card . I was hoping to find someone that knows how to send a MODBUS telgram with 16 bit instead of the default 8 bit .   regards Johan
  11. MODBUS Question

    Is there a way to change the status from the inputs 18;19;32;33 from a Danfoss inverter in a Modbus telegram . regards Johan
  12. Nummural input box

    Hallo Michael . I am sorry for the correction . Apparently i missed the that in his reply . hope it will not effect his reply .   regards Johan  
  13. Nummural input box

    crossbow . Sorry to say , but it is possible . I have written a Macro that reads the data from the box and write it in to 10 different dm channels in a OMRON PLC . And Yes . the adress write command is copied . on change the Value : WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05000],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05010],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05020],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05030],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05040],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05050],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05060],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05070],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05080],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05090],$HW1000,1); and it works .  
  14. Mistake 1 : I use IP number to communicate between the screen and the PLC . using a adapted program MODBUS master : see File SV357. Mistake 2 : forgot to remove the DataProtocol V1 what is a Devicenet protocol for Danfoss inverters . I am using Modbus for the control off the FC051 Danfoss drive .( see file ssp you need MCT10 from Danfoss to read the file  ) In the prog you may find the text " Smart Logic" what is a small program that runs in the Danfoss Drive   schietbaan H& SV357O.ZIP SV357-NS5U.ZIP
  15. Have try a command button . in the function you can tell it to display a screen . also it is possible to hide it in the same manner as the function key .   johan