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  1. CP1L - Communication loss flags

    Using Omron CP1L-EL with tcp/ip connection to printer device. im want to use signal for communication establish. its available for omron plc. already test A313.00 and A315.10 but not work. im using TCP-IP Active open port.    
  2. CP1L-EL TCP/IP with VideoJet Printer

    Hello, My previous topic was want to establish communication CP1E --> Videojeet Printer using RS232 serial cable. this project test SUCCESS. by the way distance from printer and PLC was very far almost 500meter. so printer technical team request to use tcp communication using cat5e cable. Problem: 1. I'm using TCP communication protocol that need me to have open,send,receive,close port. 2. Communication testing with PC Hyper Terminal --> OK but HT need in waiting call mode, i don't know why. 3. Using printer no result show. how i'm suppose to know communication already establish? 4. Communication setting on PLC Setting-Built in Enthernet need to add other communication device.? here i'm share some programs to give more understanding. Thanksm TCP with printer.cxp
  3. Dear Jay,

    would like to clarify some information. i'm using cp1l-el20dr with ethernet port, connect direct to PC.

    using SEND & RECV function --> monitor using Multiway software no issue. only have header before data.

    my concern was if i'm want to check using hyperterminal it's possible or not? currently no data appear. hyper terminal ip: port number:9600

    and ome more thing using multiway software have header fins before data. its possible other device(printer) ignore the header fins? 


    Test miri - TCPIP.cxp

  4. CP1E-N30DT with Hyperterminal PC

    Thank you Anthony, its really works. now i'm looking to learn new communication. because my project cannot using serial cable due to distance PC and PLC its about 100meters. from our supplier they propose to use CP1L-EL20D-R, now i'm loan it to study/test ethernet/tcp. i'm searching knowledge about it. 
  5. CP1E-N30DT with Hyperterminal PC

    Dear expert. thanks it works well. one more question regarding this testing, how to clear memory after we send 1packet of data.? example: from plc send: JDU|A|B|C|D| in decimal 74688512465124661246712468124 after job done i'm need to clear memory and wait for other instruction otherwise previous memory will overlap with new instruction.  
  6. CP1E-N30DT with Hyperterminal PC

    Thank you Mendon & Michael for clear information.
  7. CP1E-N30DT with Hyperterminal PC

    thanks Michael. how about cable pin assignment.?its right one.
  8. [PLC Sample Code] - TXD-RXD Quickstart Programs

    Hello,  if i'm using CP1E-N30DT to test your sample program which sample program that similar with my plc type.? 
  9. CP1E-N30DT with Hyperterminal PC

    Dear Expert, i'm issue to do communication CP1E with PC via RS232. im try to use plc for sending information and receive by hyperterminal pc. after googling some information there have multiway to success. by the way until now cannot settle. please expert share completed setup that's work: 1. communication cable from PLC - PC (my information use pin (2,3,9 jumper 4&5) - (2,3,5 jumper 7&8) 2. sample program that works (im using TXD & RXD with memory D1000 to keep data) 3. connection cable to PC using MOXA Serial to USB converter. 4. plc serial setting (default: 9600,7,N,1,Host link) my target to give instruction to printer to start print. printer need ACSII code. if this communication success i'm will convert all data to ACSII by ACSII convert function.   thanks,