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  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a parameters cheat sheet for Powerflex 755 doing safe speed and safe off on a webline application?  I'm slowly going through the parameter list, but it's huge.  On the PF700's, I really only had a list of less than 30 parameters I ever really cared about.  This is my first PF755.  Looking for some help to get a few drives started. Thanks! Scott
  2. Hello. I have a 1756-L72S with a 1756-EN2T and an ethernet network of point I/O and three Powerflex 755's.  I'm having trouble with the Powerflex 755.  Only one of them shows up as "running" status, the other two have this status in the status field of RSLogix/Designer.   All 3 drives are the same, and as far as I know, they have the same setup.  On all three drives, I physically entered the IP address on the HIM module.  Then I added the three drives to the Ethernet device tree in the same way (with the exception of different IP addresses of course).  I can ping all 3 drives. The only thing I can think to mention is that the all three drives have firmware version 12.001, and the PLC (v20.13) only has firmware version 9 selection for the 755 drives.  I'm surprised even one of them showed up as connected, so that's a little strange to me.  I would've thought with electronic keying set to "compatible" I would need to down grade the drive firmware.  But in any case, one of the drives seem to be running status, so I didn't think this version mismatch would cause the error I'm seeing.