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  1. Afternoon all! I have recently started working with Unity Pro and so far have found it a pleasure to work with. I am having a small problem with DFB's. I have used them in some of my projects however I can't quite understand the use of the "input/output" parameter for use in the block. Can someone give me an example of when you would use this?. Many Thanks
  2. Siemens BT 200 Bus Tester

    Hello All I have just acquired a siemens BT200 bus tester from Ebay. Unfortunately it did not come supplied with a charger. I have a suitable charger but I am unsure of the correct pin polarity?, Can anyone tell me whether the centre pin should be positive or negative?. Cheers
  3. E615 Terminal Mirroring over ethernet

    Thanks!. That's just the file I was looking for!
  4. E615 Terminal Mirroring over ethernet

    Evening All I'm hoping someone can help me. Quite some time ago (5yrs ago!!) I set up a beijers E300 with terminal mirroring using an applet freely downloadable from the beijers E series website on the downloads page. I have a similar job to do now in the same factory on an existing E615 screen. The problem is that I cannot find a download on the site for downloading the applet. It seems the site is offline and redirects you to the mitsubishi site in your region. I have searched the meau site to no avail. I have emailed beijers tech support but I am still awaiting a reply. Is there anyone out there that happens to have the applet stored away on their hard drive that could help me?. Any start up notes to jog my memory would help too, I vaguely recall having to use HMI tools to configure the screen if I remember correctly. If anyone can help please give me a holler. Many Thanks
  5. Obsolete Melsec F series programming cable

    Thanks mate...that little document has just saved my bacon!
  6. S7-200 CPU and OP 27 HMI

    Good day all!. I've a little problem with a siemens controller. It may seem like a daft question, so I'll apologise in advance!. The settup is a S7-224 CPU with various expansion I/O which is connected via the S7 CPU Serial port to a Siemens OP27 HMI. I've had a brief look at the setup, I'm due to go onsite tomorrow to investigate an intermittent fault that appears from time to time. I'm not very familiar with S7, although I have Microwin and Protool. I have a siemens PPI cable to communicate with the CPU. Generally when I do this kind of work on a Mitsubishi I like to communicate "transparently" through the HMI to the CPU so I can "see" the information being written to the CPU from the HMI. Is this possible with the siemens OP range of HMI's ??? If so how and what does one need to be able to do it???. Any help or advice greatly appreciated. Cheers Quick Edit.....I need to be able to do this as from what I've seen the HMI is constantly transferring data to the CPU in word format which are then written into bits in the program that controls the operation of the machine.
  7. How does Omron compare to others?

    As someone who has encountered most of the major brands at one time or another (and I was weaned on Siemens S5 and Mitsi F series). I've recently been using omron more and more. I find the software excellent to use, it's very much pick up and play. The tech support is fantastic, when I've had to phone them I find they will do their utmost to help you and are willing to investigate your application rather than just "make a sale". For me, this is a great plus point!. Finally and more importantly!....PRICE I find they are excellently priced, and very flexible when it comes to discounting (unlike some manufacturers!). All in all, I think Omron is a great brand and they have an excellent range, I just wish they had the brand recognition of the "big boys". I find customers will ONLY specify brand x, or y, or z...."because that's what they use". Even when a superior product can be bought for the same price.... It's horses for courses really.
  8. FX3U and SC-09

    Thanks for the reply bit of an embarrassing question for "mitsibushiman" to be asking I know!. Amazing to think these have been on the market for so long and it's taken me till now to come across one! Cheers
  9. FX3U and SC-09

    Evening all!. I've came across my first FX3U (or will do tomorrow! the call today) The quick and simple question is.... Will a beijers SC-09 interface with an FX3U???? Or do I need a new cable? Thanks
  10. Simple AB Micrologix Problem

    Thanks for all the replies guys, have been back at the job this morning and tidied the prog up with a MWM instruction that works a treat!. I'm a little clearer on how AB adressing works!. Cheers All
  11. Simple AB Micrologix Problem

  12. Simple AB Micrologix Problem

    Not a problem Bob. There may well be a better way of solving the problem than my solution as I already stated I'm not overly familiar with the AB range or software but I seem to be encountering them a little more these days. Basically I had a word (N7:1), which I then MOVE into B3:10 I then used the individual bits of B3:10 eg B3:10/0 to turn on my Outputs such as O0:0/0 using ladder logic. As i say there may be a better way of doing this and directly adressing the Outputs from the integer but I couldn't get it to work using a MOVE instruction. This may help someone else someday. As a regular mitsi user I must comment on the quality of the documentation available for AB which I feel is excellent in comparison to some of the earlier mitsi documents!. (particularly the old mitsi A series manuals!).
  13. Simple AB Micrologix Problem

    Forget that....Sorted it now! Admin feel free to delete! My brain must be stuck in 1st today! :-p
  14. Simple AB Micrologix Problem

    Hi All I'm hoping for a little help!. This is probably something real simple for all you AB guys. As you can see from my monicker I'm more of a mitsi man!. The problem is thus I am trying to move and integer value (N7:1) into the outputs (Q:0), however I keep getting a adress must be specified to the word level address error!. I've tried all the combinations I can think of to make this work but to no success and i know this should be simple. For thos more familiar with mitsi here is the code in mitsi LD X1 MOV D100 K1Y0 Any help appreciated!
  15. MItsubishi F1 Hardware Manuall?

    Thanks for the reply as always crossbow, I got a hold of a F2 manual from the UK meau site that pointed me in the right direction!. Would I be correct in saying that there appears to be more manuals on the US site?. I find the UK one to be a bit hit and miss when searching for things!