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  1. HMI I/O Tag addressing

    Hi all, I am sure this has been done many times but I am relatively new to Siemens so please bear with me.   I am using Simatic manager Step 7 for the plc programming and TIA portal 13 sp1 for the HMI (TP1200 Comfort panel), this communicates via Profinet network, we have 96 physical inputs and 64 physical outputs on the PLC.   What I would like to do is add maintenance pages to the HMI to give a graphical representation of the plc inputs and outputs, most of the inputs are assigned to various DB’s but not all and the outputs are the same.   So page 1 would be input card 1 would be I0.0, I0.1, I0.2, I0.3, I0.4, I0.5, I0.6, I0.7 and then I1.0, I1.1 etc, etc, for every input and output on the PLC.   My question is, do I add all the physical Tags individually into the HMI as (Tag 1 - Input I0.0 = I0.0) or would I be best using the DB addressing where possible (DB1020.DBX0.0). is there a preference or best practice to use Physical or DB addressing, would one be more reliable, use less resources, quicker over the network? As i will have over 200 tags will this slow things down or cause problems?   So for the representation of the I/O i am using a rectangle, in Display / Appearance and setting this to change colour as the tag changes state, all basic stuff   I have done one screen and it works on both DB and physical, but as I am new to Siemens i am not sure what is the preferred technique to use before i do the rest of the screens 
  2. Newbie Help, Migrating from Allen Bradley

    I'm certainly seeing the similarities between the two, but so far I have to say the Logix engine is much easier to understand than Seimens, the simplicity is in the descriptions e.g. TT in Logix is Timer Timing and adding timer values is as simple as adding a value no designator at the front, just a time base and a time. I do understand that simpler to use is not always better performance or better functionality, but at least I am starting to find my way around the software, everything else will cone in time The video's help but they are a little erratic in the presentation.
  3. Hi all, I am currently looking migrating from a company that works solely with Allen Bradley to a company that works mainly with Siemens, at the moment its Step7 for the PLC and TIA Portal for the HMI, but they will be moving to TIA for both PLC and HMI, I have worked with Allen Bradley for over 9 years PLC5, SLC500, 5000 and control Logix, the company will be providing me with a full training package but that wont be for about 5-6 weeks, can anyone point me in the direction of any good training material to get me started with a head start before I get the training, there seems to be more on Allen Bradley than Siemens. Video's preferably so I can watch them in my hotel room whilst working away, also any tips on the differences between Allen Bradley and Siemens