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  1. Does any one know any instruction that rotate the 1S Servo Motor continuously with angle(0 to 360)  and velocity control ?   Above link may be quite close to what i want. But I have no idea how to set it up   Simon        
  2. NX1P2 Fins

    Hi:       Has anyone use Fins Command with NX1P2 (or any NX/NJ). I try with Multiway with "[!]: Command format error (1004)" Below is the command from multiway 800003000100000100060101820001000003 Data memory are define in global variable table as  A as %D1, B as %D2 and C as %D3. The relevant setting are done on Fins Setting and Memory Setting in the PLC.   Anyone ?    
  3. NX1P2 Fins

    Hi:       Has anyone use Fins Command with NX1P2 (or any NX/NJ). I try with Multiway with "[!]: Command format error (1004)" Below is the command from multiway 800003000100000100060101820001000003 Data memory are define in global variable table as  A as %D1, B as %D2 and C as %D3. The relevant setting are done on Fins Setting and Memory Setting in the PLC.   Anyone ?    
  4. NX1P2 Fins

    @photovoltaic:                            I am using NX102 9000. The error is dealing with connection. What is the Fins Settings (under Built in Ethernet/ip) . I am unable to make connection using TCP. Even with UDP, the error of 1004 will occur if the command is send to the PLC. If I use the TCP/UPD Messaging Services, Connection can be make but response message is not encouraging <--: 46494E530000001A0000000200000000800007000100007800020101820001000003 -->: 46490400009A1500 May i know are there any setting in Ethernet/IP and the Operation Setting tabs? Attached 
  5. NX1P2 Fins

    Hi @photovoltaic:                                           I did use Ehterway, the  end result is the same error code of 1004.  but using UDP. It seems like you are using TCP? How do you set up TCP instead of UDP in Sysmac Studio?  The Etherway shown Time out if I am using TCP (client ?) Try connecting to  ERROR: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it    
  6. 2 Words to Real

    Hi:       There are 2 Word, Let say  Word_0 = 5c29, and Word_1=3e8f, I combined that 2 word into  DWord=3e8f5c29; The result converted online ( to Float will be 0.280 (expected result).   But with DWORD_To_Real , i get this result :    1.0354898e+09    REAL          May I know how to convert the 2 words into Real (Float ?) Omron PLC: NX1    
  7. 2 Words to Real

    @photovoltaic Wow, that is weird command name TBH. The CopyDWordToReal seem to work, may i know what do you meant by  "if it is a bit pattern move"  I wonder why DWORD_To_Real did not work as the command name suggested or are there any more conversion command for Dword to Real?
  8. Checking TCP Connection Status

    Wow: How can I forgotten about the # sign! I have been using dot .... Thank you very much, you make my day!
  9. Hi :      I would like  to know how to compare or check _eCONNECTION_STATE (Enum) using ladder in Sysmac Studio.  Error Code Error    4    Specify the enumerated data type name.          
  10. Omron 1S Servo

    Hello:           Does anyone know the details explanation of the Homing Settings for the Axis? Set the homing operation. 0: Proximity reverse turn/home proximity input OFF 1: Proximity reverse turn/home proximity input ON 4: Home proximity input OFF 5: Home proximity input ON 8: Limit input OFF 9: Proximity reverse turn/home input mask distance 11: Limit inputs only 12: Proximity reverse turn/holding time 13: No home proximity input/holding home input   Limit Input referring to Input (I/O) ? How about Proximity Input ? It is confusing with the terms. The manual has no explanation for each of the above selection.   Any one?   Simon
  11. Omron 1S Servo

    Yes. I did read this. for Example at Page 172 of Section 8, Home proximity input signal vs Home input signal, what is the different between the 2 ? Example I have an Axis fitted with a proximity sensor (or a reed switch) as a home signal, which of the above I should look at Home proximity input signal or Home input signal ?   Regards  
  12. NX1P2 Motion Control

    Hi:       I need to change an old PLC  with NX1p2  to control 3 servo motor by means of Analog Outputs couple with encoders, My job is to change the PLC only. So the servo drives and drivers are untouchable (No budget and involve too much mechanical works).   I observed that Sysmac Sttudio Axes setting has this: Servo Axes, Encoder axes, Virtual Servo Axis and Virtual Encoder Axes.   I believe the Encoder Axes couple with Analog Output is able to to do the Job? If so, what function block should i use? If no, do any body have a suggestion of any function block i can use? Thanks  
  13. Hi:         I am planning to use NX with Encoder Card  couple with Omron Rotary Encoder for measuring product length. ( GX-EC0211 /EC0241) or may be (NX-EC0112, I read there is proble with this card , here ), but whatever it is I need to know is there any specific Instruction in Sysmac Studio that is tailored for Fast Counter or Encoder (something Like PRV in CX Programmer or special function in CJ-CT021 where start/stop counter and changeable preset counter are available).  The Length measurement is straight forward and is only a small part of the overall program.  Basically is Start ---> measure to length----> Cut --->Repeat again.  I read through the Instruction Reference Manual and I am unable to find one.   Anyone have any idea or any sample program (Sysmac Studio only ) that I can refer to ?    Thanks     
  14. Hi:         How to use data type Word to perform math function without converting to Int or Uint ?  -----> Error    26    The '+' operator is not supported by WORD data type.     thanks    
  15. Using Word to perform calculation

    WordCounter:=WordCounter+UINT#1; The error :Error    26    The '+' operator is not supported by WORD data type.  
  16. Is there any instruction in Sysmac Studio Structure text to detect rising Edge (DIFU/DIFD) ?
  17. NJ Modbus

    I need to write c# with modbus TCP to read NJ,  Anyone able to to use PC communicate with NJ by using Modbus TCP?  Any Function need to be added in the PLC, for Example , PC to read Register 40000 to 40020 ?    
  18. Edge Detection in Structure Text

    @panic mode,  Well your explanation really give me a hard knock! PLC 101!!! Thanks for the lesson!
  19. Edge Detection in Structure Text

    How will it work if I am only interested in Trigger Up?    timeOut:= Timer(TimeBit,UINT#100,TimerSt,TimerDone,ElapseTime); IF ( timeOut<>PreviosState ) THEN         Counter:=Counter+1;    PreviosState:=timeOut;; END_IF; The Counter will increase  by 2.   with ladder, with dIFU, that will not happen
  20. NA HMI Listbox

    I read  What I looking at is how to add items to Listbox with array from NX cpu.   There is no "Items.Add" member for the listbox. I hope the listbox for NA behave the same way like the NS or Proface. as below code from the link above sure will not work   Sub ListBox_Update    Dim List_obj As Object     Dim array(100) As String    Dim x As Integer    For x = 0 To 99        array(x) = ListItems(x)    Next x    List_Obj = array    listbox0.SetItems(List_Obj)End Sub Anyone  have try NA Listbox and please share your code   Thanks        
  21. How to map physical Input and output into variables type of Word?  It is easy in CX programmer with Mov 0 to  Inp_Word_0  (type Channel) Global Variable  -----> Inp_Word_0 ,      Inp_Word_1     Type Word                                       Out_Word_0,        Type Word                           Example in NX1P2   map Input Bit 00 to Input Bit 15 to a Inp_Word_0,     and    map  Input Bit 16 to Input Bit 23 to a Inp_Word_1                                      map Outpu Bit 00 to Input Bit 15 to a Out_Word_0,                                         
  22. Map Physical Input and Output to Word

    It will only work if I am using modular input and output . But I am using nx1p2. There is no channel as compare to Cp1e
  23. Map Physical Input and Output to Word

    I am using the above method, I thought there is a more simple method instead of writing bits to bits. Is there a way of assigning a variable at IO Table directly with the union variable?  
  24. NX102 Ethernet IP

    Hi :        IF there are 10 global variables in the NX102        Count_1....................Count_10 (all of the variables are UINT)   what is the   Class ID Instance ID. and Attribute ID for reading from and writing values to the above said variables? I am unable to find the the appropriate manual below is an Application that is able to peek at Omron EIP PLC
  25. NX102 Ethernet IP

    Hi:          I am able to read a variable . But not array, not even a single element.  The service code is 4c. Have you try?