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  1. RsNetWorx need Help !

    Hi 555^5, Thank you for your reply. I have completely read this manual and there is still something I do not understand. I understand the point I / O standard should be set as Slave I / O. But if this is the case, I do not understand how to address bytes created in the Slave I / O tab. I believe that should be simple, but unfortunately I do not have access to the material to do tests. I joinded a copy of my project, maybe it could help to understand my problem..     MyProject_16-02-21.dnt
  2. Hi all,I am new to AB world and particulary to RSNetWorx. A customer asked me to program a SmartGuard 600 with safety point I/O and standard I/O. I can't figure how to configure I/O of the standard I/O.Here is the material :1 x 1752-L24BBBE1 x 1734-PDN4 x 1734-IB8S1 x 1734-OB8S3 x 1734-OB8I managed to configure safety I/O, but I need some help to configure the standard I/O. I am not able to use them in the logic.Anyone already done this kind of configuration ?Any help will be appreciate