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  1. NB10W

    Hello everyone I have made a recipe on my NB10w using NB-designer and Recipe manager tool. So far i 11 words on my recipe and i had loaded some values on then, and i managed to make some buttons and view the values i have loaded. To download the recipe to the plc using NB designer i have made a button using data recipe. My question is, where is it stored on the PLC, so i can use it on cx-programmer? Is there a special memory position for that?   Thanks
  2. CTBL Table

    Hello I have a ctbl(882) instruction  and my TB-First table comparison word is D100 I have one target value  for 350, and interrupt 10: D100 = 0001 D101 = 015E D102 = 0000 D103 = 0000A My question is where should i write this values of D100 to D103???  Thank you
  3. Plc memory & address basics

    Your 1 is a comparison instruction, check on the manual.....
  4. flow meter and cp1l

    Hello I have made some tests with my flow meter and i want to use the CTBL instruction just like Mike said in order to generate an interrupt. Here is the trouble! I have set the CTBL instruction and wrote the D table with the values i wanted. I hope i'm not mistaken. My setpoint is set on the D table right? I have made some code but i would like someone to explain me how can i set an interrupt on the code so i can activate a coil....   Thanks   ex1.cxp
  5. flow meter and cp1l

    Hello guys. I have made a simple drawing of the connections i have for my flow meter. the 1 on the image is the way to connect to the flow meter that is on the manual. the 2 is my ideia, or at least how i think i would connect it to the cp1l-l10. Is this the correct way to do it? The flow meter was a bit expensive and i think its better to ask someone that knows more then me before i make a mistake. Thanks again.... connect.bmp
  6. flow meter and cp1l

    Hi there again Michael Thank you for your quick answer. thanks a lot for your help. Now i understand where to go.    
  7. flow meter and cp1l

    Michael, thank you for the reference on the manual, it will help me a lot.I didn't have it. The flow meter is a single channel. I'm going to use this flow meter to measure litres of water (pre-defined value), so i was wondering if i can use the PRV function in order to know how many pulses i have, and then compare it with the pre-defined value. I know that for each 1930 pulses i have 1 litre.   Form your experience, using this function it's the right way?   Thanks in advance
  8. Attachments

    Hello I can't "see" or access the attachments on the forum such as pdf's cxp files and others. Can some one help me?   Thanks 
  9. flow meter and cp1l

    Hello i have been folowing this forum for sometime but just now i got the gut to register and ask for help. i'm new to programming omrom, so i have a few questions. i have a flow meter that is and npn or pnp and it has a resolution of 1930 pulses per litre. my machine is an omrom cpl1 l10. is it this machine capable to read this much pulses per litre? If so what fuction is the correct one to read this many pulses ?   Thank you