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  1. Hi I do have some old machine like around 20-30 years old in which we had Fx1n or Fx0N PLC and those backups are in Gx developer format. Now I want to open those backup but not able to do that .It directly open "Project Open " options. can any one help me out? 17028.rar
  2. Time(Min and Hour) Comparision In Simatic Manger CPU317

    Thank you I will make it will let you know.
  3. Hello Everyone, I need to compare the Time(Hour and Minute ) for production purpose. PLC is CPU317 and Software is Simatic Manager .Please help me throught this.
  4. Hey all I need to convert the TIA PLC prog of CPI314 in CPU 1500. It gets migrate but some of the blocks are not able to convert as they are password protected. Please help me through conver the protected block.
  5. AB Ethernet Port Problem.

    changing the ethernet switch is more expensive here. If i decreased the scan rate in kepware will it affect the system? Also, the problem has been reduced as I have deleted those 3 channels and kept only 1 channel it affect the system. Meanwhile, I remove those cognex scanners from the Hardware.(not from AB software ). It does affect but still, sometimes it loses network when we are pinging it from the command prompt.  
  6. AB Ethernet Port Problem.

    Thanks. I have created 4 channels on single IP in KepServer.(Ch : MA30a,MA30b,CA20a,CA30b) which is AB PLC. It is Isolated LAN from the company but it contains Mitsubishi PLC's and HMI's.(Q series(2) and Fx Series(1) PLC and beijer electronics HMI Qty (2)) in a network. I am using unmanaged Switch in Network. Also,  AB PLC(Ch : MA30a,MA30b,CA20a,CA30b) is connected to 4 cognex scanner as you can see from Image.  
  7. what is CIP in AB ?

    Hi all, I want to know what is CIP in AB. If I want to calculate the CIP in AB how should I do That? Reason For asking ---> I am using 1769 PLC and Is's CIP consumption capacity is 32.I have already calculated the CIP of HMI which is 24 and In addition with I am connecting 4 Scanner and Kepware Server on ethernet IP.After doing that communication networks get brakes after some time.SO please let me know. Thanks.
  8. AB Ethernet Port Problem.

    Hi there Please somebody help me....
  9. AB Ethernet Port Problem.

    This si kepware setting.
  10. AB Ethernet Port Problem.

    This is main kepware I am communicating with AB PLC. More than 120 Tags I am reading at a time.
  11. AB Ethernet Port Problem.

    Hi ken, Firstly I would like to thank you for reply. Basically I have 1 PLC and it's controlling 4 machine/Station.Each station consist of 1 HMI and Scanner .In addition with I have connected server(programmed in .net ) through kepware server.At end of cycle of any machine I am saving some product parameter in server.(30 tags/Product ) .Whenever server wants to write/read some bits/bytes to PLC,It doesn't response soon. And Kepware is showing message that Station XX is not responding.And at that time is not even communicating  through the RXlogix 5000 on Ethernet but Local DIDO/AIAO are working fine .And It doesn't response to any other HMI/Scanner.After some time any how it again come Live on Ethernet or we have to switch of To switch on the PLC.   Main concern is that It is having Ethernet communication problem  when ever it is tries to communicate with server or Scanner or HMI.   Thanks    
  12. AB Ethernet Port Problem.

    Dear All, I am using 1769 L32E PLC which is 4-5 years Old and Software version is 18.01. I am communicating 4 Cognex scanner and 4 HMI on Ethernet Port.Also I am saving cycle parameter in Server using Kepware. Server programming is done in .net. Recently I am facing communication problem with Allen bradly PLC as It is not able to communicate on with any device on Ethernet IP. What could be reason Please help me.
  13. How to use this Instruction and what is the use of this ??? Please see photos.
  14. Can I do that using beijer electronics HMI T7F-2   ???
  15. But Q also support the MC protocol so  isn't there possibility for communication  with FX3GE ?