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  1. Some MicroLogix support Modbus/TCP, but for CompactLogix your only options are to add a Modbus card (ex: ProSoft MVI69L-MBTCP) or take a look at Rockwell's Modbus demo for CompactLogix that support open sockets.
  2. At my last job, first responders wore/carried a fanny pack and radio.  No identifiable clothing or anything.
  3. Safety controller

    That's probably #1 for me.  As another data point, the first controller we installed has been running for about two years now with zero issues.  For that one, we had the base controller with five expansion relay output modules.  Our local pricing is also pretty attractive, especially compared to the Rockwell safety controller.
  4. Safety controller

    We have three Banner XS26-2 safety controllers in the plant.  I've been quite pleased so far.  Pretty simple to program, options for Ethernet monitoring, expandable.  I've done some training workshops with the Rockwell Guardmaster and didn't find it nearly as easy to work with, even though we are a Rockwell shop and I've used Connected Components Workbench on a number of projects.
  5. I can't tell for certain, but it looks like the address on the EA9 side ( was set under DEV001.  I haven't used the EA panels in a while, but I believe the DEV001 address needs to be the PLC address ( and the EA9 address needs to be set directly under Ethernet Port.
  6. At a previous employer, we used Ignition on several projects as a stand-alone product.  It worked great, and I never had any issues with running on a desktop machine.  Compared with a lot of other products, I found it to be pretty easy on resources.
  7. Keyence vision systtem

    Different color lighting may help (ex: red or blue.)  You may also try a polarizing filter if you aren't currently using one.  This can help with glare issues.  I'm not sure what lighting system you're currently using, but you may also need to consider a dome light, diffused light, etc.  At a past employer, we were having a lot of issues with vision on a new machine, and we were able to get Keyence to come in with a selection of lighting and filters and spend a day working with us on proper lighting selection and fine-tuning configuration.
  8. panelview 300 micro

    You can import the PanelBuilder 32 file into FT View Studio (At least with compatible versions) but, as Joe E. said, you're stuck if you need a serial connection.  We have a couple pieces of equipment that had the Micro 300 replaced by a PanelView Component 400 (discontinued now, but the PanelView 800 4.3" would be a similar option), but there is no conversion from PanelBuilder 32 and Connected Components Workbench, so the application had to be completely recreated.
  9. CSCAPE Experience

    It's been a couple of years, but I've used CSCAPE in the past for several projects.  What do you need help with?
  10. Program open ERROR

    I'm fairly sure you'll have to upgrade your laptop to 20.03, as there are differences in the versions that make them incompatible.
  11. Best 24VDC Power Supply

    I currently use Puls for most of our equipment builds.  Reliable, good selection, decent pricing.  A-B are good but, as usual, spendy.  I've used quite a few Rhino power supplied from AutomationDirect in the past and had good results.  
  12. AB FAast Track Printer

    Bob, We have a FastTrack as well. It is my understanding that the 1492-PRTINKCART is a special thermal ink, which is why it is so doggone expensive. So far, I haven't seen any alternatives, although I would love to find out who builds these for A-B and see if they sell directly. I did learn very quickly to buy the standard Epson cartridge for the cleaning cart. A-B wanted twice to three times as much as pretty much any computer or office store, plus the last one I ordered from A-B was a remanufactured. I'm on the lookout as well, and I'll be happy to post any info I find on here. Joe
  13. I don't know about this particular model, but I used a D-Link DCS-6620 camera in a similar setup. The 6620 is a relabled Vivotek camera. I was able to download and use the Vivotek VitaminControl ActiveX object to control the camera and view the video in my SCADA application. The Vivotek ActiveX control comes with very thorough documentation. It was just a matter of installing the ActiveX control, accessing it from my SCADA application, then some trial and error to determine the correct settings for my particular camera. It works great. If you want to try this route, I'll help out all I can. Joe