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  1. Connecting Fx5u

    Hello acansoy. First open a new project. Project ---> New ---> FX5U or Ctrl+N. On the left appears ---> Connection Destination .  
  2. Connecting Fx5u

    Hello acansoy, First open Connection Destination. We choose - Direct Connect to CPU. We choose Adapter - your Ethernet Adapter. By default IP PLC is  
  3. GX Developer analog output help

    Hello @Jkleeds! Can you tell us the model of the controller you are using and the model of the analog module. Then we could give you advice.
  4. Hello Rohit.sadawarte, You can look part 4 - FX5-4AD-TC-ADP at the attached file.The measured temperature value is recorded in a special register SD6xxx. Then you can scale it up if you need it and put it in PID (PV) as in the example of Altan.   FX5_-_User's_Manual_(Analog_Control)_JY997D60501-E_(05.17).pdf
  5. How to add AD or Temp Module to FXCPU PLC?

    Possible only one module FX1N-2AD-BD. It have two analog chanel - current 4-20mA or voltage 0-10V. Its configuration is given below.  
  6. Hi mikax, I can not help you! I'm sorry. The best regards, kraykov
  7. Hello Mikax, I checked the available versions of Medoc and it turned out that I also have only 2.40. There may be missing parts of the program because the ranges for M, L, T, D are not correctly defined. For example, the range of M e 0-999 and in the program we have M1201.     There are cases where the PLC is A2S and the software recognizes it as another. Do you have an extra memory extension?    
  8. It is possible that the program was created and loaded into a PLC with the Medoc DOS version. I could look for her. However, you will need a computer with Win98 or WinXP OS. With GX Developer, the compiler is newer and this is the cause of the problem areas.
  9. I have two questions: Is the machine from which controller you are uploading the program working correctly? What version of Medoc do you use to upload the program?  
  10. Hello @mikax, Probably the project was created on the Instruction List (IL). That's why Ladder Diagram can not properly intercept it. You can try the following - download the project with GX Developer and try to convert it to IL.  
  11. FX5U Modbus communication

    Hello @DanW   I share your opinion on Modbus communication. My client insisted on finding a solution for controlling these 34 frequency inverters on a serial port.   The only possible solution, in my opinion, is to allocate these inverters to the four CH1 - CH4 serial ports and to use the Mitsubishi protocol for communication with inverters.   Still, it is a machine, not an experimental set-up.   Thanks for your advice.   The best regards,   K. Raykov  
  12. FX5U Modbus communication

    Thank you @SolidRio! I will test it.
  13. FX5U Modbus communication

    Hello @SolidRio Frequency regulators are FR-D740, but for 34, two channels are few. 2x16 = 32. Not possible to use CC-link  since the inverters are available and have a serial port. Thank you.
  14. FX5U Modbus communication

    Hello, It is necessary to manage 34 inverters via serial communication RS485. If a Modbus protocol is used according to the documentation, only one RS485 channel can be master. Then the maximum number of inverters will be 32. Can anyone share their experience on this case? Thanks in advance to all those who participated!
  15. Fx1n control inverter vfd007m21a via fx1n-485-bd

    Hello @huuquyen. There is a sample program in the attached file. He can help you. The best regards, K.Raykov   Program_Example GX