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  1. micrologix1100 explict message for power flex 525

        I did exactly according to the site Only what changed was the ip that I used different, the Plc I am using and the micrologix series beo inverter and the power flex 525 series a revision 4.1
  2. I'm having problems with some explicit messages between the 1100 and the power flex 525, the message that send the commands to the 525 has the error code e6 and according to what I read the error describes Target node cannot respond because requested function is not available. Thank you for your help.Vinicius Galvão
  3. Hi everyone, so I'm learning about Mitsubishi, I read the manuals about these modules, and I understand a little, I need control a proportional valve.the input module will receive the signal from the linear potentiometer , and the output module will send the signal to the porportional valve. So I know that the value is registered at a data value (channel1 = D0), Can I take this value and put at the D100 in example program output module? excuse me for my ignorance , I began to learn yesterday and already my boss gave me this challenge. thanks to everyone who can help me.