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  1. HMI Beijer 1101 to Printer Ethernet Connection

    Tried, but nothing...I tried different approach using USB Printer server, which worked perfectly with Siemens MP700 HMI, but with Beijer E1101, no luck...
  2. HMI Beijer 1101 to Printer Ethernet Connection

    The printer support windows printing protocols. The question is what value to be inserted for Network Path in Printer properties: I have tried the printer name, it did not work...  
  3. HMI Beijer 1101 to Printer Ethernet Connection

    Thank you for your reply, Phill, good to see you in this forum too!  Indeed, in the manual is mentioned that windows based PC must be placed between HMI and network printer to make it printing, but I am a bit exactly physically to install it in between ...a PC with two network cards both in the same IP range, or just a PC in the same network? I could not figure out that...?
  4. Hello,   I am trying to connect Laser Monochrome Printer to Beijer 1101, but all the time I am getting  error "Bad Network Path to Printer". Went trough the manual, it says that the path definition cannot be IP address and it must be compatible to UNC definition. Tried different options and settings, no luck. Any ideas?
  5. Unknown kind of contact

    Thanks a lot, I found it!
  6. Unknown kind of contact

    Hi, guys,   I am trying to figure out the logic flow of cx program, and I came across on this kind of contact: --| |   |---- Can you tell me what exactly does it mean?