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  1. GX Works2 installation problem

    Ron_S, Thank you for your advice, but it is not problem of Win7 64 bit system... I've successfully installed and used a lot of MELSOFT packages on my PC before But I've got installation problems after I unistalled SoftGOT s/w from my PC..... Now I couldn't install MELSOFT at all ))  
  2. Hi everybody! Recently I've got problem with installation of GXW2 on my PC There is a message "Any of the MELSOFT products or other software may not be installed normally. Please restart computer before installing this product" during installation. Of course I restarted PC)), delete all Melsoft products from my PC, use regedit, try to install various version of GXW2 and so on, but with no success(( (although GX Developer or MT Works can be installed on my PC without problem) Anybody knows how to solve this issue? (Please don't say to reinstall PC OS. Unfortunately it is not easy in my case) Thank you in advance!