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  1. SGDH-01AE-OY absolute encoder

    Hello, If omron servo motor SGDH-01AE-OY absolute encoder battery is low. Is inverter show message, that battery is low?  
  2. Twincat 2.11 different time

    Hello, Hello, I am using twincat v2.11. I have different time with computer timer and Twincat system time difference about 6 hour. How need synchronize twincat system time with PC time?    
  3. Solenoid interlocks

    hello, I have  Solenoid interlocks AZM170-11ZRK-2197-2201-24VDC. maybe somebody know how, what are mean symbal which I drawn red color?    
  4. need to recognize mitshibishi inverter

    thank for your advice. This information need to me :)
  5. hello, Maybe somebody to recognize mitshubishi inverter in the photo.
  6. need to recognize mitshibishi inverter

    for me need manual for this model, but from photo I can not to recognize. Maybe somebody recognize?
  7. FX3S-30MR-DS problem

    Currently I have problem with FX3S series Mitshubishi inverter. It have relay outputs and now relay output "tired", because thier sometime does not work well. I want to change to new PLC, but PLC program has pasword and I can not read it and upload to new PLC. The company which wrote PLC program does not available. Maybe somebody give suggest how I could download and upload program to new PLC.
  8. First Step: Secand step for example using  IW0 Input0: third step setting:    
  9. Which is PLC you using?
  10. The TM3AM6 analog IO module support only Modicon M221, Modicon M251 and Modicon M241 series PLC, but not TM200 series PLC. This information you can see in page
  11. You want take input 0->20 mA I have output 0->10V Am I correcting undestand you? It is not possible, because your controller don't have analog input and analog output. I see want way to buy TMCR2AI2 cartrige and speed drive control with modbus if speed drive support modbus
  12. M241 M251 M258 LMC058: %M (internal bits) cannot be accessed by Modbus. But %I (physical inputs) and %Q (physical outputs) can be accessed using function codes from the table below (extracted from SoMachine online help).
  13. rfid reader

    Hello, Could I connect PC wirh rf380R reader. I want write C# application and direct get data from reader to my application, which working in PC. This mission is possible or not? Maybe somebody have example how need do this.
  14. GT2103 HMI

    Hello, Somebody know where are I could find download software, which I can support mitsubishi GT2103 HMI?  Or know where are could download GT Works3 Version 1.112S or later?
  15. real to integer number

    Hello, Could somebody give for me advice how need seperate real number to integer? for example I have in D10 real number 10,9 for me need to do integer number 10 and 9. The real number seperate to integer I am using this LADDER line, attached picture. In D90 I got 10, But how to isolate the number of decimal places,I can not think of. Please help for me
  16. Hello, I am try to connecting HMISTO735 with M241 PLC. The Magelis HMISTO735 software designation is Vijeo XD. Maybe somebody have experients how need connect HMI with PLC by somachine and vijeo xd software?
  17. Omron PLC problem

    Hello, Maybe somebody know why show this error number and that that mean, how solve this problem? I upload video to youtube
  18. profibus connetion

    Hello, I want to ask you. Can I connect profibus master device as I drew? If not, when could to explain why?  The 9-pole D-Sub connector:    
  19. Hello, I want to count rotation time or cycle. I am using bellow code in the picture. If I set timer 10 ms, when counter working well, but I set timer 1 ms the counter working same how set timer 10 ms. I have question in my code is slow timer or counter and somebody give me advice how need count the rotation ms accuracy.    
  20. Two bc9050 PLC IP/tcp

    Hello, Maybe somebody have twincat program example, where one PLC1 send via TCP/IP string to another PLC2. I attached picture. Or have advice how need to do that?
  21. Hello, I want to as you. Maybe somebody know, how need change screen to my wanted picture? I attached touchscreen picture
  22. array set zero

    Thanks to you. It is that, what to need for me.
  23. Hello, Maybe somebody know how make all array make zero. My array is DATAS: ARRAY[1..15, 1..6] OF INT;   I tried it     But it don't help me.  
  24. array set zero

    I find my mistake. It was masyvas[y,i]=0; need to do masyvas[y,i]:=0; Now I want simplify the main code. My Fb block show now that: If I write that: code working well. when have Input is true, when reset array, but I want to do that: Now problem with top picture, that I have input kuku false, but I wrote something to array DATAS,  so immediately reset DATAS. Somebody have advice how solve this problem and update my FB code? fb block text format: IF Leidimas THEN Masyvas1:=Masyvas; FOR i:=1 TO 6 BY 1 DO FOR y:=1 TO 15 BY 1 DO IF(masyvas1[y,i]<>0) THEN masyvas1[y,i]:=0; END_IF END_FOR END_FOR reset:=Masyvas1; done:=TRUE; IF done THEN reset:=Masyvas1; END_IF ELSE i:=1; y:=1; done:= FALSE; END_IF        
  25. array set zero

    I tried to use your advice and wrote FB with this code picture I got error Could somebody  say to me how solve this problem?