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  1. hello, Somebody have suggest how need read data from slave using modbus RTU. I am using M241 PLC and read_var function. The picture you can see my PLC program. The data of slave is placed 3394 address. Then I try to read, always "READ_VAR" function get "CommError" which number is 254 that means "The detected operation error contains protocol- specific code"  and "OpenError" which number is 3 that means I don't know. How need read from slave data, which modbuss adress is 3394?
  2. Omron camera unit macro code

    I I talk about FH/FZ5 Series of omron vision system  
  3. hello,  Maybe somebody have macro script of omron vision system . The macro script must work that If I push button "Scene switch" then macro script must done "Data save" and then change scene. Or somebody can help me to create macro code?
  4. Thank you very much
  5. hello, I wrote simple omron vision system macro script with one scene variable sc.q&. The variable value is 5, but then I am executing macro code get value 0. I attahced photo. Maybe somebody know how to solve this problem?
  6. I am using somachine 4.3V
  7. Is it possible shift data array. I have Array_ret: ARRAY[0..10] OF test; and TYPE tests : STRUCT TinFoil: BOOL; InFrame: BOOL; END_STRUCT END_TYPE I want shift all one time time Array_rest[0] information to Array_rest[1]. Array_rest[1] to Array_rest[2] and... Is it possible?
  8. You have to write this   MAIN_SHIFT: Shift_register; Registras AT %MW100 : WORD; Registras0 AT %MX100:0 : BOOL; Registras1 AT %MX100:1 : BOOL; Registras2 AT %MX100:2 : BOOL; Registras3 AT %MX100: : BOOL; Registras4 AT %MX100:4 : BOOL; Registras5 AT %MX100:5 : BOOL; Registras6 AT %MX100:6 : BOOL; Registras7 AT %MX100:7 : BOOL;  
  9. Hello, Maybe somebody know. I am using variable, which address is %MW100. I am trying shifting register bit. I made video. The Variable changed, but variables, which address is %MX100.0 ... %MX100.7  does not change. Why? ScreenRecorderProject2.mp4
  10. SGDH-01AE-OY absolute encoder

    Hello, If omron servo motor SGDH-01AE-OY absolute encoder battery is low. Is inverter show message, that battery is low?  
  11. Twincat 2.11 different time

    Hello, Hello, I am using twincat v2.11. I have different time with computer timer and Twincat system time difference about 6 hour. How need synchronize twincat system time with PC time?    
  12. Solenoid interlocks

    hello, I have  Solenoid interlocks AZM170-11ZRK-2197-2201-24VDC. maybe somebody know how, what are mean symbal which I drawn red color?    
  13. need to recognize mitshibishi inverter

    thank for your advice. This information need to me :)
  14. need to recognize mitshibishi inverter

    for me need manual for this model, but from photo I can not to recognize. Maybe somebody recognize?
  15. hello, Maybe somebody to recognize mitshubishi inverter in the photo.