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  1. Internal relay M

    Little more detail in case you are new to the Mits PLCs M are basic internal relay bits.  D are basic internal Words L are Latched internal relays (their state remains through power cycles) X/Y Obviously inputs & outputs T are timers C are counters Z are pointer modifiers i.e. [MOV K150 D100Z1] would move value of 150 to D100+(Value of Z1), so if Z1 = 10, D110 would 
  2. Got 2000 button over button

    Could you instead make 1 button, but change the function in the PLC depending on the condition? You can even make the Text change based on the condition too. 
  3. CC-Link Network Dropping Out Ideas?

    I had a similar symptom 2 years ago. We had a terminating resistor installed across DA-DG instead of the correct DA-DB.  Just one more option to check. 
  4. Counting chain links on a conveyor

    ---| Running Reverse | --- [ = Count K1 ] ---------------- [ MOV K3785 Count ]
  5. plcModule.ActLogicalStationNumber = {StationNumer you set in MX Component};     int result = plcModule.open(); //Open the comm port    
  6. Im checking in my my software guy. 
  7. Have you used these Balluff modules before?  I have one that I was testing on, but hit a road block when the CC-link card must be some version or newer in order to run data read/write commands. 
  8. I spoke with my programmer, here is the manual that he used to write our software.  Basically he uses GetDevice to read data less than 2 words, and ReadDeviceBlock to read greater than 2 words.   MX Component Programming Manual
  9. Version 4


    MX Component manual for programming PC - PLC software solutions.   Details MX Component library functions and examples. 
  10. MX Component Programming Manual View File MX Component manual for programming PC - PLC software solutions.   Details MX Component library functions and examples.  Submitter WattUp Submitted 03/13/20 Category Manuals, Tutorials
  11. I personally can't give you the guidance on how to connect, but I do know that our software programmer does exactly what you are asking with their code. I do know that you need MX Component installed on the PC, to establish the connection, it can't be done directly through the C# so that might be your missing link. 
  12. Input on the left vertical line

    | X0 | ----- [MC n1 M0] Stuff to run when X0 is on.. ---------------[MCR n1] Stuff that runs all the time
  13. The Bits that are SET by this button are reset by the PLC on a up-pulse only.  These functioned correctly at the time of the issue.  All the momentary bits shown are only on the HMI, and none controlled by the PLC at all.  These were supposed to break latched sequences such as this one shown here.  This is what did not work as expected.  But they have worked every other time before, and since without issue.   
  14. Its a GOT2000 and Q03UDE PLC I'm not sure what you mean about permissive logic.. But like I said, this system has been running & working for years.   Is it possible that the PLC scan 'missed' those momentary triggers? 
  15. This button performs the 8 actions when pushed.  Has anyone ever had an issue where some actions were not triggered?  This system has been running for years, but Tuesday we had an issue where only the first 2 actions happened, but the remaining ones did not.