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  1. HMI Mounting Hardware

    I can't be certain, but i think these would fit. https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/shopping/catalog/hmi_(human_machine_interface)/graphical_hmi_devices/hmi_accessories/ea-mg-bz2-brk
  2. Real Time Timer on FX5U

    Somehow i never knew about THS option. Good to know! 
  3. Voltage Measure

    If you can make due with 4 voltage level triggers, this might work for you.  https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/shopping/catalog/process_control_-a-_measurement/signal_conditioners/limit_alarms_(analog_input,_relay_output)/fc-3rly4  
  4. PLC QCPU exceeds program memory

    you can also uncheck the comments from your write dialog. Often times that will save tons of space. 
  5. Corrupt program?? GX works2

    try to reformat the USB drive and start fresh.  I have one flash drive that always tells me to repair or fix but i just ignore it. 
  6. When you do a read / write select "Device Data"  This will backup any data that is setup under 'Detail' option. 
  7. Short way to write contacts in OR gate ?

    I call this the not-not in my head.   
  8. That's why I love forums. 5 year old posts still help people. 
  9. I am trying to setup a CC Link between two machines. I have done this before without issue, but for some reason this is not going well.. I added a second CC link card to CPU2 and set it as ST 24 for the CPU1 network.  CPU 1 : Master.   cc0.jpg.   The original machine was setup using TO/From for each station, so i couldn't add this new link through the GUI.  CPU 2: Local cc1.jpg  When i try to use the GUI to setup this side the buffer stops working. but if i activate any TO/From instruction here i get a system fault with a 2110 SP. Unit Error CPU2 buffer cc2.jpg. But when i block the TO/From you can see the buffer is working at that exact same location specified.    2110 error says I am addressing the wrong card but the buffer proves that I am not. 
  10. Shifting data by bytes

    Im trying to picture it, but what exactly do you want the final string to be? Currently it looks like this:  R10700     2  0  R10701     .  j R10702     o b   What your describing sounds something like this:  R10700     [ ]  2   (thats a blank space) R10701     0  .  R10702     j   o R10703    b   In which case just adjust your $MOV to be " 20.job" then AND H00FF With the D10700
  11. PLC built in ethernet vs Ethernet module (QJ71E71-100)

    One thing I had discovered was using a built in port, with a heavy load process, and running several ethernet connections to trace database, HMIs, other PLC etc.. was when monitoring the code, it would overwhelm the built in port and shut down connections.  We switched the external traffic to a -100 card, and all communication issues were resolved. 
  12. String Compare Issues

    OOOOOOOO I didn't realize the 00h was required, i thought it was showing that as a place holder like a string did not need to fill both Bytes.  
  13. String Compare Issues

    I am trying to set up a string compare [ $= "Text" D### ] . But it's not passing when it should. So i tried pushing the string to a place holder register [ $= D###1 D##2 ], but its still not matching, but when i just do a double compare [ d= D##1 D##2 ] it passes.    How is my string failing but the numbers obviously match?    Struggling to get picture to attach. Please see here for example.  https://imgur.com/a/w1ckk64  
  14. Mitsubishi GTDesigner 3 Alarm Summary

    I believe alarm ID allows you to set up separate alarm histories, but all of my systems that is just left at 1 (and also set to 1 in the User alarm observation) Under the Alarm Display > Setting Tab > Make sure Display Target : ALL ALARM, this should show all current alarms
  15. GX Works 2 Menu Dragged off Screen

    You can either reset everything OR if possible connect to a larger resolution screen.  I have this issue all the time bc at my desk (QHD Sreen) i set the cross ref list on the opposite screen. But then line-side that list remains off screen. 
  16. instead of using FIND for the D10020 address, which will only show contacts or coils directly addressed as such.   use cross reference. That will show any place that address is used in Bulk moves See examples from my program. 
  17. serial input string

    OH yeah of course good catch.  I don't know why XOR was in my head.. 
  18. serial input string

    This function does exist, and its EVAL     You will have to clear that "G" with a XOR "FF00" D200 first
  19. serial input string

    OH going from ASCII String to numbers... not sure that happens without some ASCII lookup table    What control do you have on that the input field / method?  It would be better fix the data source than write a algo to convert
  20. serial input string

    will this string always start with "G" ?  If so, Change your HMI input to be Float input and just add the G as a prefix visually If not, then a block move (BMOV) starting at the second register of your string address would drop the first characters. 
  21. Unknown operations

    Yeah if a pointer is calculated/used in more that one place then monitoring is bascially useless for the pointer & the registers its pointing.  there are 20 Z available but it seems everyone only uses Z0.  lol.  I will share a Z only if the functions are related & exclusive i.e. reading & writing from a array. Where only 1 option is ON at a time. 
  22. PLC Reset?

    Yes, you would want to add a start/end address that would be retained always. If memory space allows, i would just set this to the entire range of D. If not I typically would use 10,000 - end, that way I know the data location is up out of range with the rest of my address mapping. I believe the HMI can have it's own memory, but I don't utilize that so i am not 100% sure.  
  23. PLC Reset?

    Project navigation  PARAMETER > PLC Parameter.  Then select the device tab. Any data points listed under Latch 2 Start - End will remain through power outages / reset.
  24. YASKAWA v1000 plc

    I would check the physical motor install, verify bearings are good, check runout / alignment, things like that would cause the drive to be working too hard. Also recommend plugging into the drive and using the software to monitor the drives performance. it might point you in the right direction.
  25. Rural public water system in TROUBLE

      With that low number of I/O  I would bet its mostly an order of operations & timer based system. It might be a good idea to try to create a map of the functions you KNOW it does and build from there.  A scope or meter on the outputs to get a timing and order. if there is a HMI look for any settings / parameters.