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  1. Didnt know this before but should have anticipated it, I cant put 8 hours into say a TON or a TOF, etc. Only goes up to 2880 seconds, .8 of an hour. What would be the best way to go about this?
  2. I'm offline, I think I figured out though. with the 1734-AENTR you have to go into module properties and set the chasis size attatched to that AENTR within the hardware tree I guess. Never encountered something like that before. I couldnt add I/O to it because the chasis is defaulted to 1, which would mean the AENTR is taking that 1 slot up. Crazy stuff.
  3. Client is wanting to use a 1734-AENTR with I/O and what not. When I go into the hardware tree to add I/O, its grayed out to add a new module to the hardware tree. JUST for this critter though, has anyone else experienced this?