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  1. Interfacing Union to NA alarm expression.

    Hi, I dont know if this answers your question... but maybe you can manage by having an array of bool, where each element is an alarm, and just use a for loop to check if any of the bits in the array is true. A bad thing about this would be that the code is not self explained since you have to know what array index corresponds to different alarms. Another approach could be to create your own struct with boolean members (one for each alarm). And then make a check if any of the bits in the struct is true. I attached a picture showing how that could be made.
  2. Hello, Does anyone have experience with getting online a NJ/NX via USB with Sysmac Studio running on windows 10? At Omrons website it says Sysmac Studio offers windows 10 support from version 1.15 but I can't find drivers anywhere. Have checked in the communication middleware folder as you can see in the attached picture. I have Sysmac Studio running on Windows 10 Professional. Its not a big problem for me right now, because I can always connect via Ethernet, but if the driver exist I would appreciate having it.  
  3. KEEP in ST

    It was my understanding you had two different pumps that you would like to change between every time it starts. Made a little example in case you didn't solve it yet.
  4. Sysmac Studio : MEROBEL DGT300+

    If you follow this link to the france omron support site you will find a newer release (rev. 1.9) of the library innoaloe reffered to.
  5. Hello, I dont really know much about this topic, but never to late to learn, so I looked around in the NJ/NX series CPU unit built-in EtherNet/IP Port user’s manual (W506). On page 344 under precautions for TCP socket services I found this: On the third point it says you cannot reopen a closed socket with the same port untill 60 sec has gone by. I dont know if the value of your portNum variable is changing between connections, but if it remains the same this might be the problem.
  6. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    The company I work for had some problems with sysmac studio 1.20. In some cases it was not possible to connect to controllers with certain firmware versions. We talked to our local Omron representative and he did not recommend using it yet.
  7. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    The company I work for had some problems with sysmac studio 1.20. In some cases it was not possible to connect to controllers with certain firmware versions. We talked to our local Omron representative and he did not recommend using it yet.
  8. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    For HMI: (1) The ability to create object templates. I do not mean IAG, but templates for motors, valves, servos etc. So we could make one screen/popup for each type of device and reuse it. Very time consuming to make 60 popup screens for 60 different motors. And surprisingly one day the customer wants a change on all the screens. This could be done with some logic in the PLC, but would be nice having the feature on the HMI. (2) Make it possible for imorting new revision of IAG's and have them automatically replace the old ones. Had some trouble with this. I also have a question regarding this thread. Who is submitting all the improvement requests?  
  9. EtherCAT Festo CTEU-EC

    Hi, Could not wait untill tomorrow... Just checked the program to an installation I did a couple of months ago. it was also revision 6 but I set address from Sysmac. I had no problem getting communication up and merging with all 3 CTEU modules went fine too. I set it up with dip switches previously with this manual:  
  10. EtherCAT Festo CTEU-EC

    Are you setting node address in program or on device dip switches? If I remember correctly they can only be set with 4-bit address with dip switches. Keep in mind that if you write address from sysmac you would have to cycle power to device for changes to take effect. Its been a while since last time I set it up, but I will try look at it tomorrow.
  11. NJ/NA Program Example Resource

    They also provide english written descriptions for some of the examples. I have previously used their modbus/tcp client and master function blocks.
  12. Omron does in fact offer its own libraries with the functionalities you are talking about. This link will show you documentation for a IAG package and PLC library files from Omron. Keep in mind that this might not be for beginners, but how to implement it will all be in the manual.. should work for both the G5 series and the recently added 1S servo drive.  By the way, have lots of documentation for omron products/software that is hard finding unless you go digging around their japaneese site. 
  13. A good SD card for the NA5 HMI

    I have never seen the U model before, and it is not to be found in the norwegian Omron price list either. Dont think it is vastly used in Europe and where I work we only use the W, maybe in applications/enviorments where other sertifications are needed(like shipbuilding/EX areas) but not sure about that.
  14. A good SD card for the NA5 HMI

    The difference between the NA5-#U and NA5-#W are the certifications for the products. The W-model is more widely certified.
  15. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    1. Allow using indirect addressing for data edit in NA. This is currently possible for data display. 2. Add events and actions for data edit. e.g. for press, value changed 3. Add functionalities for saving styles (Visual properties) so you easily could apply that style to whatever object. too much of my time is used to apply properties. I know you could save to toolbox but this will still not work between different objects. 4. Some sort of "alarm server" so alarm acknowledgements could sync between different NA HMI's 5. logger for last actions on the HMI. e.g. user logged in/out, values changed etc. Also, I am missing more built in functionalities in the toolbox like pie charts, diagrams, buttons, multi state valves, pumps etc. for process visualisation. I think the HMI enviorment got some good upgrades in 1.17 but still alot to go on. Rumor has it that the HMI enviorment will get huge upgrades when they release NA runtime or wharever they're going to call it. Anyone seen it yet?