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  1. FX3U-ENET and Modbus

    great! that helped a lot. thank you
  2. FX3U-ENET and Modbus

    Hi Gambit thank you for your fast reply. yes you're right. i have the FX3U-ENET-P502 and on FX configurator i have one Ethernet open  TCP, Unpassive, Send, Procedure exists, No confirm, 502 i've now downloaded that FB library, but not from the Mitsubishi site, cause i did not found it. everything seems to be very confusing cause i did not found any manual or help file according to modbus tcp. if i would have a example, it would help very much.. thank you
  3. FX3U-ENET and Modbus

    Hi There i have heard from our local mitsubishi dealer, that there is a Fx3U-ENET module which also supports Modbus TCP. so i ordered one, because i am planning to do a Project using a atv71 FU and a Codesys PLC, so the plan is, that these 3 Devices are able to communicate together over Modbus. has anyone done something similar before? what do i need to setup in FX-Configurator EN, and how can i send modbus commands through that module. i am using GX-Works 2 and have a Structured project. any help would be appreciated. thank you jason