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  1. Help needed loading program to Fanuc series five PLC

    It is of an existing molding machine. I only have the Fancus series Five files and there is no documentation on what the PLC does or has to do. I do not know how to open these files or read them, so cannot read the PLC program. Meaning rewriting is impossible without manufacturer info, loading into an existing one is the best option.
  2. Hi, I need to download the program into a series five PLC (both batteries empty in RAM module). I received the data that should do this. Looks like a copy of 3 floppies. Does anyone have a GE Fanuc series Five PLC  can buy or borrow so I can test it? I already made a serial cable but need to know or find out how to do this. Regards, Pieter Hoeben pieter.hoeben@gmail.com